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“Your publication and e-mail alerts are greatly appreciated. I get so much more information from them than I do from the many physicians that I see."
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Fibromyalgia Network is a patient-focused, ad-free organization providing service since 1988. The Network staff attends medical conferences, interviews leading experts in the field, and combs through the medical journals, all so that we can package this information into articles that are relevant to you. We publish these features in our quarterly Fibromyalgia Network Journal and monthly eNews Alerts.

We dig much deeper into topics than the bare-bones, fluffy news releases that you can find on the Internet. So why struggle with coping issues, remain perplexed by your symptoms, or live in the dark about how to minimize drug side effects while maximizing the benefits? Learn all you can with a Membership.

Become a Member or Renew Today and receive the following benefits:

Fibromyalgia Network is a patient-advocacy, Member-supported organization that keeps up with the latest research and best possible treatments. Let us help you receive first-rate care. Become a Member or Renew Today and for only $28 a year – less than the cost of a doctor's visit co-pay.

Fibromyalgia Network ... Celebrating 22 Years
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