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How can a Membership to Fibromyalgia Network help you improve the care you receive? Below are a few recent comments made by Members, as well as physicians on our referral network.

"Of all the information out there regarding fibromyalgia, I find the most useful comes from Fibromyalgia Network. I often share your articles with my pain management physician who is very open to new treatments."
Sharon, Member Since 2004

"I love Fibromyalgia Network! I look forward to receiving every single issue. There is no better source of information about fibromyalgia syndrome. I can always count on the articles to be current, accurate, pertinent and practical. I recommend Fibromyalgia Network to all of our new patients!"
— Charles Lapp, M.D., Director
Hunter-Hopkins FMS/CFS Research Center, Charlotte, NC

"I can’t tell you how helpful your magazine has been to me! It helped me discover my sleep apnea problem, and has resulted in significant improvements in my pain levels and ability to function. A million thanks for all you do!"
— Amy, Member Since 2003

"I appreciate your Journal and the eNews Alerts very much. I have learned so much over the years. I have been able to get better help from my doctors because of what I have learned through your publication."
— Current Member

"Fibromyalgia Network offers timely, patient-centered information that is useful for both fibromyalgia patients, their families, and healthcare providers. I have learned a number of clinically useful tips from reading it that apply to my own practice and would encourage others—whether as patients or practitioners—to read it."
— Patrick Wood, M.D.
Professor of Medicine, Louisiana State University

"I've been a member of Fibromyalgia Network since it began. I have all of the back issues and also appreciate the eNews because it comes sooner. It is great for support and information."
— Judy, Member Since 1992

To learn more about the quality and usefulness of information you would receive as a Member of Fibromyalgia Network, check out our Free Articles section.

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