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“It's been wonderful to be a Member. After reading and absorbing all that pertains to me, I give the publication to my daughter, who is a nurse at an assisted living home with many FMS residents."
Judie, Member Since 1998


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Get connected to an ad-free, patient-focused publication when you join Fibromyalgia Network. Each 20-page issue is delivered to your door on a quarterly basis in the months of January, April, July, and October. Whether it is self-help coping advice, research updates, or new treatment approaches that you are looking for, the Fibromyalgia Network Journal includes all of this and more! Click here to join.

Your Membership will begin with the October 2011 issue of the Fibromyalgia Network Journal. Below is a general description of its contents.

Do you know that Fibromyalgia Network is Member-supported?

As a Member, you will have a voice in the topics addressed. You may also participate in our surveys, have access to the Fibromyalgia Network staff, and much more. We go to the medical conferences, interview the researchers, talk to the treatment experts, and package it all into helpful original articles that you can't find online or anywhere else. Unlike other magazines, we do not accept endorsements, advertisements, or pharmaceutical industry grants. So what you read is unbiased. Join the Fibromyalgia Network today!

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