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As a Member, you will receive the most current information on fibromyalgia available anywhere. We talk to the medical experts and seek out new research to provide you with evidence-based comprehensive strategies that can help you keep your life on track. Our educational materials provide:

  • Treatments tailored to fit your needs
  • Medications for your symptoms
  • Advice from experts who understand you
  • Strategies and self-help therapies to ease pain
  • Updates on breakthrough research
  • Life-management and coping tools you can use

Membership includes:

Fibromyalgia Network Journal — 4 issues delivered quarterly to your door (20 pages, ad-free, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall).

eNews Alerts — 4 pages of treatment news and research briefs delivered every month to your email “In” box.

Scientific Abstracts — Research associated with our articles are referenced in each Journal and available online to Members only. We encourage Members to take these abstracts with you when you visit your doctor.

Free Bonus Articles — Each new Journal provides access to free articles, resources, and support information.

Obtain Huge Discounts on back issues of the Journal.

Physician Referrals & Support Group Listings — We actively search for health professionals to assist you with obtaining the quality care you deserve, and we help you connect with other women and men who understand what you are going through.

Privacy Guaranteed — Our Membership policy is simple. We do not share any information about you with anyone. We are here to serve you, and we understand as well as respect your need for privacy.

You can count on Fibromyalgia Network to provide credible, unbiased information that can lead you toward better treatment strategies.

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