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Gloomy Days

Handling Gloomy Days

One patient wrote to us asking, “How are we supposed to deal with the cold winter days ahead when the sun doesn’t shine?” Good question. It’s hard to keep an upbeat attitude if it looks gloomy outside, especially when your chronic symptoms are already negatively impacting your mood.

If you find yourself struggling to maintain a positive outlook at any time of the year, consider using some of the self-help tips provided below to stay entertained and help keep your mind off your fibromyalgia symptoms.

  • Call friends
  • Get on the Internet and chat with other patients through Facebook and other social networks.
  • Write to people you miss seeing … maybe they’ll write back to you too.
  • Plan ahead for a simple weekend activity that involves other people (many support groups meet on the weekends).
  • Go out for Saturday lunch or Sunday brunch – meals you don’t have to prepare.
  • Pick an interesting topic that you want to know more about and read up on it. If you don’t find yourself looking forward to learning more about it each night, the topic isn’t right or this idea isn’t for you.
  • Learn a new art, craft, or hobby on the weekends that you can do indoors at night. You will lose track of time and end up with a sense of gratification at the completion of each project. Make up for the dreary outside by having plenty of light in your home for these activities (e.g., 100 watt bulbs or halogens for that ball-field effect).

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