Article Samples

Article Samples

Is Sensory Overload Part of Your Fibro?

There is so much more to fibromyalgia than your pain. Sometimes it feels like someone turned up the volume control to your senses. Read More.

Fibro Out-of-Control? Two experts offer treatment advice

Do your fibromyalgia symptoms seem to be getting worse? Two experienced treatment experts describe the most common reasons for why your symptoms could be spinning out of control and measures to counter them. Read More.

A Neurologist’s Approach

Pain is an important component in many neurological diseases. Find out what medications one neurologist recommends for treating fibromyalgia and learn how to find a great therapist who can help you cope with your symptoms. Read More.

Muscle Relaxants: Do they work for fibromyalgia?

Are your muscles always tight and achy? It’s logical to wonder if muscle relaxants might ease the tension in your muscles and help loosen your painful knots. Read More.

Easing Chest Pain

Head colds, coughs and a general flare-up of your fibromyalgia symptoms may leave you with tightness in the chest, making it extremely painful to breathe. There is a reason for these symptoms and a few self-help approaches can resolve them. Read More.

Why Your Pain is Head to Toe

Your skin feels sunburned and your body hurts from head to toe. Are your pain-relieving processes out-to-lunch or is there another explanation? Your body works overtime to combat your widespread achiness, but fibromyalgia is not your typical kind of pain. Read More.