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Is There a Better Time to Nap?

When you can’t sleep through the night, the fatigue of fibromyalgia can make it really hard to get through the day. But would a nap help refresh you or just leave you feeling foggier? It depends, say researchers. Read More.

Fibro Fog and Dyscognition

Otherwise known as “fibro fog,” dyscognition is the medical term that describes difficulty concentrating, disorganized thinking, memory problems, and inability to stay focused or alert. According to a neuro-psychologist, ”These cognitive symptoms are often more troubling to the patient than other symptoms.” Read More.

Handling Guilt

With fibromyalgia, you have to pace activities and avoid overexertion, even on a good day. But this essential philosophy requires your family to work harder to make up for your limitations, which may cause feelings of guilt. Read More.

Deep Sleep Works as a Pain Reliever

Wonder what effect your sleepless nights have on your fibromyalgia pain? Researchers are re-examining the connection between fibromyalgia symptoms and disturbed sleep, and their findings may explain why treating sleep could help reduce pain. Read More.

Research on Fibromyalgia Syndrome Skin Sensitivities

Does your skin burn or itch? Do you frequently get rashes that won’t go away? Over 20 years of studies may help explain why your skin is so sensitive. Read More.

Marked Fatigue Shows Up on Brain Imaging

Trying to do anything when you’re exhausted requires great effort, and when fibro fog sets in, it’s even harder to focus on the task at hand. A recent brain imaging study offers clues for why your fatigue is more than just ordinary tiredness. Read More.