Fibromyalgia Fatigue Is More Than Being Tired

by Kristin Thorson, Fibromyalgia Network Editor
Posted: November 22, 2010

Detailed interviews of 40 fibromyalgia patients from three countries (United States, Germany and France) reveal that fatigue is the second most bothersome symptom after pain.*

The investigation was fueled by previous studies involving patient feedback that implied fatigue was a symptom that deserved to be assessed in treatment trials. Currently, the success of a therapy primarily hinges on how well it reduces fibromyalgia pain, with little or no attention paid to fatigue. In addition, there is no clear understanding of the key features of fatigue that need to be measured.

During their interviews, patients were asked open-ended questions, such as, “Tell me about your experience of having fibromyalgia.” So, the goal of the interviews was not to specifically inquire about fatigue, because the investigators wanted to hear what patients had to say spontaneously about their symptoms.

The average duration of fibromyalgia symptoms for the 40 participants was 6.6 years, their average age was 49, and 70% of them were female. When asked about their experience with fibromyalgia, they reported the following symptoms, without prompting:

  • pain (78%)
  • fatigue (43%)
  • sleeping difficulties (18%)
  • mobility problems (10%)

Remember, this was based on their unsolicited comments about fibromyalgia. When asked to rate the top three symptoms, the order was basically the same but the percentages were much higher.

“Fibromyalgia fatigue was described as an overwhelming feeling of tiredness that was not relieved by sleep or rest and is often not in proportion to the effort exerted (i.e., participants described becoming tired after doing very little),” state the authors. The participants also made it clear that their fibromyalgia-related fatigue was not just “normal tiredness.”

The participants further described their fatigue in the following eight categories that many of you can probably related to:

  • Overwhelming feeling of tiredness (43%) – sometimes to the point that they were unable to do anything
  • Not relieved by resting or sleeping (38%) – the fatigue persisted even after what the patient felt was a good night’s sleep
  • Not proportional to effort exerted (63%) – it doesn’t take much at all to trigger this symptom
  • Feeling of weakness or heaviness (28%) – body feels heavy, weak, or lacks any strength
  • Difficult to get motivated (83%) – it takes a large amount of effort to do things, such as just getting out of bed and “getting going” in the morning
  • Difficulty doing the things they want to do (60%) – the fatigue/tiredness makes it difficult to do what they want or need to get done
  • Having to do things more slowly (38%) – it takes longer to get things done and some patients felt it was related to the feeling of heaviness or weakness
  • Difficulty to concentrate, think, or remember things (68%) – fatigue/tiredness affects ability to concentrate, difficulty remembering things, trouble thinking clearly or staying focused

“Men and women described the fatigue experience and its impact in much the same way,” write the authors. Summing up their findings, in fibromyalgia, “fatigue appears to be the second most important symptom and one that has considerable impact on patients’ lives.” Because there are so many diverse fibromyalgia-related fatigue symptoms, however, it will be a challenge to assess the impact of this symptom in treatment trials. But the results from this study may lead to better tools to accurately measure “fatigue” in fibromyalgia patients.

* Humphrey L, et al. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 11:216, September 2010.

59 Responses to Fibromyalgia Fatigue Is More Than Being Tired

  1. Dianne Nabors says:

    I have always told my doctor that “I can handle the pain better than I can handle the extreme fatigue and weakness”. This has been going on for years and really bad during the past five years. I have never gotten a response or any suggestions as to what I can do about the extreme fatigue – just a blank look and no response. I am almost at the point of not being able to stay up at all during the day. I can nap/doze off and on for most of 16 to 20 hours a day. I have many things I like to do, want to do, need to do, but just do not have the energy to start anything.

    • ann says:

      I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a year ago. I had all consuming pain and exhaustion. None of the doctors including my pain specialist (for another issue) wanted to treat me.
      I have been trying to find my own treatments. After being diagnosed with sleep apnea I have a c-pap machine that has been a life saver. I am getting 6-7 hours of sleep up from nearly none at all.
      Also, I have been tested for vitamin deficencies and everything was ‘normal’. I started taking a B-complex vitamin daily just to see if there was a difference. After just a few days I was feely so much better, and after two weeks I am back to my normal energy level.
      I know that not everyone with fibromyalgia has sleep apnea and can get a c-pap. But you can try the B-complex vitamins for a couple of weeks, it can’t hurt to give it a try (be prepared for neon yellow urine as a side effect though, totally harmless). Please give it a try. Good luck!

      • Donna Dankoff says:

        Hi Ann – I work as a unit secretary in a hospital ICU Unit which is very stressful to begin with.

        My husband thinks that my fibromyalgia is just plain being lazy…this is an ongoing discussion between the two of us. I am also on a Cpap for sleep apnea which helps me so very much.

        I am wondering what I can do to help with my horrible tiredness…..I want to just sleep my life away; sometimes sleeping 12 hours when I am working 3-11′s. I do take a multivitamin and a B-Complex vitamin along with a vitamin D tab….what could help me more?

        Please let me know your thoughts and ideas….Thanks – Donna

        • Milly says:

          Wow! That’s a ralely neat answer!

        • Shayla says:


          Sounds like you need a new husband…

          Constant debate over whether or not you are LAZY can’t be helping your condition nor your self-esteem.

          I’m sure you must love the putz, but really, who needs to be torn down by the one person that is supposed to love and support you unconditionally?

          I’d tell him to hit the road, for sure…



      • Heather says:

        I have also started taking a B-complex and have noticed a huge positive difference in energy, my nerves, and my hormones. For me it took about 3-4 weeks to really feel a difference. And like Ann said, all of my vitamin levels always come back normal even before taking the B-complex. I have always felt like my symptoms are related to some level of something being off in my body, but everything always comes back normal. There obviously must be something though if the B-complex helps this much.

      • Dixie Nickel says:

        Ann …I think I will try the vit. b’s.

        Just this Friday I cam home so weak and exhausted that I went to bed and slept til 9 this morning. By the way I have a heated mattress pad that seems to help the pain.

    • Dixie Nickel says:

      I know what you are going through I work as a teacher and have a sewing business in my home. I have just gotten to the point I can not keep up with everything. I am giving up my teaching job this semester. Have you tried a CPAP? You have to get a sleep test, but that is nothing. Then I have a heated mattress pad and that helps with the pain. Damp weather bothers me so I have a small heater in my sewing room to take the chill off.

      • Wahyu says:

        I’ve had fibro for several years. Glad to hear you are interested in more natural options. I tried all the prescription drugs the Dr. gave me and most of the time they didn’t help and the side effects were awful. I decided to go natural. The first thing to get is Nature’s Way Alive! multivites. They are very good and have everything in them to support immunity.

    • Sekhmet says:

      Diane, I’ve tried just about everything, and have decided that NADH is the best – try 5mg first. Very close second would have to be Corvalen (D-Ribose). I now workout with a trainer 2x a week, and babysit my twin grandaughters 2-3x weekly. Developed FMS 2003. Blessings to you.

    • Dee says:

      I’m 62 and live in West Australia. My GP doesn’t understand my exhaustion, I dont believe he ever learnt about the condition at medical school. I need to do small painting jobs, like paint a chair and paint around a door frame, but just the thought of beginning the chore is so overwhelming because I dont even have the energy to collect the items to do the job let alone start it.

  2. Mel M says:

    My dr put me on Provigil, for days that I have to work. It is used for shift work fatigue and ADD. It works pretty well. I only take it when I need it. I also take 2-3 scoops of D-ribose. Those two have helped me the most! I also changed my diet and take vitamins(when my stomach can handle it). No carbs(or gluten) helps too(except for fruit). I too can deal with the pain better than the fatigue.

  3. Heather says:

    I had to check the name to make sure I hadn’t written this in my sleep!! I totally agree… while the pan is awful, and contributes to the fatigue, it is the lack of energy and the weakness that are most difficult to cope with.
    I also “can nap/doze off and on for most of 16 to 20 hours a day. I have many things I like to do, want to do, need to do, but just do not have the energy to start anything”. It is very frustrating to me, and even more to my husband; neither of us wanted our lives to come to a halt this way.

  4. Kathy Duncan says:

    I can handle the pain also, but the fatigue sometimes makes it so I can’t even think straight , so weak I can’t eat or drink. When I try to sleep I toss and turn my legs start jumping and so I am awake all night and have to work. The circle just does not end.

    • Dixie Nickel says:

      Kathy…I know how you feel. My Dr. gave me some Requip for the restless legs and I am on a CPAP machine.You can get a generic for the requip. My brother tells me he had restless legs until he started on the CPAP then the leg movements stopped. That was not true for me. I have other fibro meds I am taking, but if you don’t need them….wait. I am seeing a psychiatrist because I had been getting up and making bad work at home dealls on the computer and I got scammed big time. The meds and the fatigue has been a very big deal around here. I am being tested for dementia.

  5. Nancy strKa says:

    I usually get 10-12 hours at night and still have hard time getting up in the morning and I still take a nap during the day. It takes 3-4 days together done in whT I could get done in 1-2 days. I get so exhausted and my arms and legs feel so weak and I am starting to feel lightheaded when standing and I have been fainting these symptoms are by more harder to deal with than the pain.


    • NanC says:

      Nancy, I have the same problem, when I get excited, sometimes my legs give out on me, and I faint.
      I can’t even open my eyes sometimes when it happens I am so fatigued.
      I just get SO tired.
      I KNOW I have fibromyalgia, I know of nothing else that I have that would make this happen to me, everything I’ve looked at that I could possibly have hasn’t had any symptoms of fainting.

  6. Beryl says:

    I can also handle the pain although i am on Paracode which takes the edge off the pain, but the fatigue is too much it makes me very week and my brain is like a fog.

  7. Tracy Saker says:

    I have been experimenting with different “natural” remedies for my pain and fatigue for 10+ yrs. I have been drinking Matcha, which is a special powdered green tea (make sure you blend it with friut juice fot max absorpsion.) low caffeine, but awesome/no jittery energy. powerful antioxidonts too. I was able to cut my pain meds in half and can now function a full day (2-4 matchas).

    • Avinash says:

      Paula,I am so sorry, to hear that you have fibromyalgia. I was dansioged with fibro about 7 years ago, actually have had it for at least 12 years, and it is a long haul for sure. There is a huge amount of symptoms that go with fibro., and I seemed to have them all, at one time or another. Every time I went to the Dr., I would take my list of symptoms with me.

  8. Keith says:

    I am a man who has had Fibro since 1983. It is getting worse the older I get. I just tried exercising like everyone says you are supposed to do. I just started riding a sit down low bike for about 20 minutes. Thats all, and my whole back was killing me and that XTRA pain lasted for 2 weeks after I had rested completly. I am on numerous meds including Lyrica which has caused 50 lbs of weight gain. Nothing works. I too could sleep all the time. NO ENERGY! I have scanned the internet for all these years. Theres really nothing new out there. Every person seems to have their own personal recipe for how THEY deal with this illness. Winter is here now and how I dread this time of year, every year. The cold makes things worse. More pain which – more fatigue. I guess this is the way its gonna be until I die. The latest thing I read on the internet was they were thinking it may be a virus called XMRV which affects our cells and genes. Other than that, I’m lost. If I didn’t have God in my life I think I would be in really serious trouble.

    • Tami says:


      • Cindy says:

        I also find regular massage very helpful – I now prefer deep tissue massage to work out muscle tightness, but at first had to just have a lighter version due to pain.

  9. Ven says:

    Good inputs to practice.
    I got better after doing yoga, muscles does not become stiff.
    Reduce alcohol and caffiene. They give flushness in skin and sensitive nerves.

  10. Gingin says:

    Im 45 yrs old and was diagnosed with fibromylgia about 5 years ago. I am finding it difficult to hold a job due my lack of enthusiasm due to fatigue, lack of concentration and just generally justdo not want to be bothered. I find that after i get up, get a shower and eat bfast, Im exhausted. I take meds for fibro and insomnia, i get 7-8 hours of sleep but never feel rested. I also take lots of vitamins that dont seem to help. I feel like I am gonna have panic attacks if Im in the store for too long and also have feelings of lightheadedness…help someone! Suggestions welcome..:)

  11. Laura says:

    I have had Fibromyalgia for years. Although the past 5 years I’ve been on disability, I worked before that. The chronic fatigue is the most debilitating, since various good medicines keep the pain in check. My Doctor has prescribed Provigil for me, which worked pretty well, but I’ve had more success with Adderall, given for somnambulism, chronic fatigue and ADD. I am not only more energetic, I don’t feel the heaviness of my arms and legs while the medicine is working, I’m much more alert and focused, and because it wears off, it doesn’t interfere with my sleep. Without medicine for the AWFUL fatigue, I’d fall asleep during the day with little warning and was weak all the time. My life is better now, thanks to modern science. Sincerely, Laura

    • Sage says:

      Hi Laura,
      I’m thinking about talking to my physician about provigil or Adderall. She has mentioned these Meds. Do you think I should try Aderral first.Have you had any uncomfortable side defects with it? I’m on Cymbalta and percocet for pain when needed.
      The worst part as everyone has said is the fatigue and lack of motivation. Before I got sick , I was a person that had this inner clock that never stopped, I was always racing around and energetic. This is so not me, and its frustrating and depressing at times. I recntly had to quit a job which I really enjoyed and fibromyalgia is ruining my life.
      I talk to myself every day and try to be optimstic about getting better soon. It’s just hard ,as everyone on this board would agree. I still have high hopes that I will get better. I’m too young and have so much life left in me.
      I hope everyone continues to improve, and they find a cure for this debilitating disease.

      Thank you,Sage

    • Destrie says:

      I am totally wowed and preaperd to take the next step now.

  12. Judy Sowder says:

    I began doing ai chi (a water exercise form of Tai Chi) regularly. I’m fortunate to have found a good instructor, who also has fibromyalgia, as have others in the class. This helps me and the others so much with pain that when I have to go for a week without getting in the water, I suffer.

  13. Charlene says:

    The worse thing is you can’t get a doctor to help as if they don’t have a clue about fibromyalia..I need help…had this for over 12 years,I’ve been fighting it,but its starting to pull me down…

  14. Carolyn Moore says:

    I don’t like the pain or the exhaustion but the fatigue also causes me to be depressed. I can’t do the things I used to do or want to do now. If I have a day without a lot of pain, I think about doing various things that I enjoy but I don’t even really get started before I am worn out. I can’t keep caught up on my housework or laundry and as much as I have always loved to shop, even just window shop, I can’t even do that anymore. I have lost all my friends because I have had to cancel out on plans too often because I woke up in too much pain or was just too worn ou id whatt. At least for me, it takes a lot of emotional and mental energy to prevent this fibromyalgia from making me just give up. The ironic thing about all of this is that my only support system is my mother who is the one person that I have always butted heads with all my life. Now I am grateful I have her for a mom because she is the only person that helps me with doctor appointments, shopping and things like that. She has even taken the time to read lots of things about fibro so she can understand what I am going through better. I thank God for her everyday!

  15. Debbie B says:

    I was diagnosis about 13 years ago, and did fairly well with dealing with the pain, but the last 3 years it changed, I was laid off from a job I worked 30 plus years, and started a new job, where I ‘m stuck on a keyboard with quotas I have to meet daily. I average 3 to 6 hrs of total sleep each night. I awake, stretch, turn, go back to sleep, several times a night, totally worn out and have to drag myself to work, I’m on the verge of being fired, which adds to the stress. I experience severe bouts of pain, I’d look at the keyboard and can be totally confused and unsure what to do. The Doctors just wanted to keep changing the meds, everyone of them has caused more confusion, headaches, sever pain, muscle spasms, made my reflux worse which triggers my asthma, and constant fatigue.
    I took myself off all the meds, my job is letting me work a split shift from home and have been at it a week now. Have had only 1 headache (I control the brightness of the lights), still tired and confused, but I can take a 1-2 hr nap midday now. I’m not as stiff and can move around much better. Still haven’t met my quota this week, will see if I’m still employed in January.
    Threw out all my old vitamins (some were expired) and ordered new ones. I’m taking charge now and will continue to pray my brain comes back and the fog goes away.

  16. Jodi says:

    I have had FM for 8 years now. I am lucky to have found a very caring doctor who has experience with FM. She prescribed Neurontin 2 years ago and it changed my life. I take Neurontin in combination with Pamelor and Cymbalta. I still have pain and take Ultram and Vicodin to help manage my symptoms. I agree that fatigue is sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes I walk up my stairs and have to stop and rest before walking again. I have done physical therapy 4 times and have learned a lot of good stretching techniques to keep myself moving. I am a first grade teacher and have a busy life but I am now able to function. I pay for massage therapy every couple of weeks. Mostly, I try to listen to my body and not over do things. When I feel a flare up coming on I stop and take things easy. It helps that I have an RN for a husband. He is very supportive and helpful. Don’t give up!!! If you are not functioning well, get out there and try something new until you feel that life is manageable. Set reasonable goals and don’t beat yourself up if you are having a bad day…I am looking for a on-line support group but haven’t found anything I am interested in….Good to hear other people’s thoughts so you don’t feel alone…

  17. Patricia smith says:

    I developed Fibromyalgia after a fall at work, I split my head open ending up with seven stitches . My doctors don’t seem to what to treat me just saying get rest and exercise, I am lucky of I can get out of bed in the morning let alone exercise. The pain can be really bad sometimes and the only pain medication I can take is panadol as I am now allergic to codeine. But the exhaustion and tiredness and unable to move at all sometimes is frustrating and stressful. My doctor has told me that there is nothing he can do for me, there is no treatment for this medical condition. So, where does that leave me! He just looks at me.

    • kate mctigue says:

      I have developed a number of symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia.

      I also had a fall, back in Feb 2011 and am in increasing pain ever since.
      I was completely free from pain prior to the accident and I am convinced my fall has brought on this debilitating condition.

      I wondered how you have coped and what sort of medical help have you had. Has your condition improved at all? Do you think your accident has caused your problem?

      I would be interested to hear from you.

      Yours sincerely
      Kate McTigue

    • Pat Theriault says:

      I was so happy to find this site. I developed a diagnoses of Chronic Fatigue Sndrome after a emotional trauma (younger brother died) happened in my life. After some time my symptoms eased off, I fell on the ice and then after a year was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My point being trauma of any kind can bring on this awlful disease. This all started in 1994 and I am still here in pain.

  18. ann says:

    I have tried cymbalta, lyrica and savella. They all seemed to be a miracle the first week or so becaused they helped with the pain. But then with all three increased the exhaustion and mental numbing and it was not worth the decrease in pain. I also have tried Provigil but it caused more nerve pain same as with too much caffeine.
    What I have found that works for me are:
    vitamin D 1000 mg once a day
    CoQ-10 300 mg twice a day
    B complex 100 once a day (used twice a day for the first two weeks)
    tramadol er 300 mg (pain)
    Indocin er 50 mg (anti-inflamitory)
    Minimize caffeine, sugars and carbs. Eat mostly “clean” foods, those that are not processed. Eat good oils like olive oil and avocados.

  19. Ginny says:

    When a rheumatologist diagnosed me, I was shocked at how long the fibro had been invading my body. I have had it for about 47 years. I laid in bed one night, thinking that if I was not a strong person, I would go to the nearby bridge to commit suicide. Oxycoden and Oxycontin subsequently really did help me for 12 years. I have always been resistant to painkillers and anaesthetics , so they were a great saviour. I didn’t like the fact that I had become so addicted, so I cold-turkied both last June. Brutal, but it worked. The first 3 weeks were a write-off. So now it’s back to pain, but that was my choice. As for the “crazy” legs, my dr. prescribed Lyrica and it worked immediately. Thank the Lord. Cpap for me too but I also have a latex allergy and understand that now they are producing latex free Cpaps! My lack of energy is still at the bottom and is connected with my fibro fog despite all the Bcomplex, Vit.D, CoQ10 etc. (natural products). I wish there was a super energy pill in Canada (lol). You absolutely must never stop walking at least, even through the pain. In a few days, you will see results. No one says start a mile walk, even a 1/4 block and back to start. It’s a must. Back in the 80′s I just knew that fibro was associated with neurological symptoms and some German research is on track today. You can feel the nodules in the tissue that hurts. Sometimes, massaging it to break up those fibers is a relief. Lastly, all heat applied is a relief. Cold brings on a flare right away.
    Hang in all of you – “Natale hilare et annum faustum”.

  20. Juliet says:

    Hey everyone I know its sucks but keep your head up. I was diagnosed about a year ago although i have had it much longer than that i have been on and off bed rest for the past 7 years. but i am back in college now. yes i am still young (26) but i have 2 children so no matter how tired or how much pain i have to “get over it” some days it is so hard as i know everyone on hear knows. but if i want to be a doctor one day and learn a way to help me feel better than i cant alow the fatigue fog and pain to rule my life. i may have to lay in bed longer somedays before i can move but i have to be an example for my children and show them they cant eer let anything hold them back espeacially not themselves. so I hope one day we can fix this. untill then I say to you your mind is powerful and dont ever tell yourself you can’t because once you do then the fibro has won.

  21. Morna says:

    I was diagnosed with fibro 8 years ago. It was something I had for a while before I was diagnosed. I have had 2 back surgeries, so I expect it has been around longer & was put down to back issues. As I get older I am finding , as others do, that the fatigue is very debilitating. I work full time and have a hard time getting going in the morning & after work I am usually too tired to eat. I’m sure that doesn’t help either, not eating properly. I geel guilty too that I am not able to more cooking & cleaning. My husband is very understanding so there is no issue there, it is myself doing it to myself. I do take a multi vitamin & vit D . As soon as colder weather arrives I am worse. I went to my doctor 2 weeks ago & he asked me how I was. When I said I was extrememly tired & very sore he told me ‘at least you are alive’ . Really !!! I am glad for that, but I would like to feel better in my aliveness !
    I know there is no cure or much to be done beyond managing the pain with meds & trying to get good sleep.
    I am going to take some of the ideas in the responses though & see if any help me.

  22. Cathy Turner says:

    I have all the painful conditions due to a car accident that triggered many things. The worst part, is losing friends that you thought were friends, and having a wonderful family, yet realizing, they can’t or won’t come to help. That feeling of abandonment is more than I can explain, but it’s not uncommon to cry a few times a day. If I can, I try to lead a normal life, but mainly I have to act the way everyone else wants me to act. On bad days/weeks, I wish I could be in a home….to be taken care of. But I can’t ask others, as they don’t see me as sick. It’s a problem that I don’t know what to do about. Painfully yours.

    • Robin Aristides says:

      I know just how you feel. I tend to get very depressed. It’s a vicious circle-the fatique is depressing and the depression causes fatique. It is really hard for people to live with someone with a chronic illness like this. You want to complain constantly because you feel so horrible. My husband gets frustrated because he cant help. I try not to complain unless I am really bad. –Ill continue

      • Robin Aristides says:

        I find that getting out of the house and being with people helps but I have to force myself to get out of the house. I have found that having a creative outlet helps. I knit. It keeps my brain from dwelling on how bad I feel and in the end I have a sense of accomplishment that I have made something. I also take pottery classes and that helps.

  23. Michelle says:

    I have been diagnosed with Fibro through my PCP. I have an appt with a rheumatologist to confirm. I am 45 years old and have suffered from symptoms for quite sometime. The chronic fatigue is the worst! The pain is no better, but feeling exhausted constantly is brutal. I have always been a go go go person. Very active, work out 5-6 times a week, eat healthy, manage 3 kids, a home, etc. Now, I find it difficult to even get out of bed and find any kind of enthusiasm to get anything done. When I meet with my rheumatologist, I hope to plot out a course of action. I would like to manage this more holistically. I know no one person’s symptoms are the same and different things work for each individual person. Please help!

  24. Karen says:

    Lots of lifestyle/holistic therapies all help a little, but I’d never get out of the house without Adderall, a stimulant ususally prescribed for ADHD. I hate needing pain meds (Percocet) and Adderall to function, and at such a low level besides! But I do what I have to do, and am grateful that it helps even a little.
    Blessings on those rare healers who DO understand and show compassion, and think outside the box.

  25. Bernadette Kenny says:

    Hello Everybody,
    I was so interested to read all the comments being made, and so relieved to have it finally confirmed that I am not going insane.

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 14 years ago, after several attempts to have the illness taken seriously. My G.P. was wonderful and could tell me straight away what it was, but he sent me to a Consultant who kept trying to tell me it was all in my head and there was nothing wrong with me. This was very frustrating, but eventually after numerous tests etc the Consultant suddenly decided it was not in my head and there was something actually wrong.

    I could sleep anywhere, anytime. In fact a neighbour knocked on the window of my car outside a shopping centre one day to wake me up. I had been asleep for hours.

    I feel for you all, as I know exactly what you are talking about and can relate to all of you.

    Chin up though, and as one person did say – don’t stop the walking regardless of the pain, because just to get out in the fresh air has helped me with the depression that was dragging me down over the situation. I feel like a different person when I’m out in the fresh air.!!!!

  26. Christine Tobin says:

    hello I am a 45 year old female dx with fibro 1 year ago but i have had it for a while I started c-pap hoping that my emergy would improve It has been 2 weeks w/no change in my energy or my pain Some nites I struggle with the mask to fit comfortably and some nites its fine Any input on how effective c pap is or how long it takes to help your symptoms? fibro has changed me I miss the old me

  27. Cindy says:

    Diagnosed 20 yrs ago. Recently given saliva test & other tests for hormones. Using compounded DHEA/Progesterone/ Testost cream & off Cymbalta, Lyrica, Nortriptilyne and my pain is basically GONE! I however can’t sleep – take Ambien & want to get off it. Taking supplements that are helping balance- Major B, D, adrenal support – Maybe Testosterone would help men – don’t know…

  28. Silent Pain says:

    I find the fatigue is mostly diet related. If you ever get tired within 30 min of a meal then it will highly likely be due to something you ate. The foods that set me off contain purines. Purines is the name for a chemical entity that contains two nitrogen rings. Foods with medium to high amounts of purines immediately set off a rapid onset fatigue that requires sleep. Look up PURINE LIST online.

  29. sissy Shaw says:

    I have suffered with fibro since a car accident in 2005…and Cathy Turner I can’t express my feelings any better then the way you put it…Cathy, sounds like we both need a new friend. Anyway I was 44 when I was diagnosed usual symptoms on top of whiplash ..After all these years I agree the fatigue is he most disabling of all…

  30. sissy Shaw says:

    I just wanted to mention.. that I recently had all my blood work done 24 vials for 52 tests! lol it was after reading a article re: fibro could be hormone related. Well it came back low testosterone, estrogen, many nutrient deficiency, but most surprising was very low HGH-Human Growth hormone..very abnormal but systems of low HGH were identical to fibro?? So please get yourself checked, sissy

  31. Rina Etherington says:

    I think all you ladies are inspiring I was diagnosed 2 years ago but I think I have had it for ages. I am trying all the natural things. The meds didn’t really work and I didn’t want to go to the next level of pain killers yet. But as you all say, the fatigue is the killer. Chin up, build a bridge and get over it, I say to myself. Good luck, I will be looking on this site.

  32. Sue says:

    My Doc is cool about my Fibro. He tells me how much vitiams and what kind to take and makes sure I am taking enough of them by checking my blood. He also says “Yoga” and it does help and getting 9 hours of sleep by taking 1 to 2 capsules of Ibu Nitetime hour before bed along with eating a banana. Eat yogurt and eat a sweet n salty Almond bar a day.
    Drink Oj once a day. Eat less takeout.

  33. Sue says:

    My vitamins are Nature’s Way multi Alive- Kelp 150 mcg- DHEA 100 mg
    B complex with vit C 2 caps – and D3 2000 IU. No pop- one cup of brewed coffee- lots water or flavored- and my Doc is an internal medicine Doc that keeps up in Fibro news and takes My health and wellness serious. Hope this helps!

  34. char says:

    Well, it sure sounds like I’m not alone. Mine was diagnosed in 2005 when my mom was dying…and it’s been getting worse since. Here it is, 2013 and have made no progress. I am on oxycondone for pain but my biggest complaint is fatigue and tiredness and being sleepy all the time. My head is cloudy and I can’t think or remember things. It’s so devastating. Glad I found this place.

  35. rosemarie sutton says:

    Hi today I was told I have Fybromalgia after years of unending pain it finally has a name! As well as being constantly tired its the pain that gets to me going to see a Rheumotolist on the 12th so I am hoping and praying she can help! Reading some of these comments makes me very scared of the future as I battle just to get through each day! At least I now know I’m not crazy!

  36. Zelda J says:

    Hello i just found out 2 months ago that i have fibro. I been hurting for years but, never knew why I was having so many sleepless nights. I stay in pain and omg the fatigue is so bad. Please help me to understand this. Just this morning i was going down my stairs outside leaving for work when my balance was off and my knees got so weak. Before i could catch myself i fell.

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