How Back Pain Affects Fibromyalgia

by Kristin Thorson, Editor, Fibromyalgia Network
Posted: February 29, 2012

Although people might have trouble understanding your all-over fibromyalgia symptoms, they may be able to relate to chronic low back pain. Most everyone at some time or another has experienced back pain, even if not on a chronic basis.

People can grasp how back pain interferes with one’s ability to put on their shoes, bending for household chores, or yard maintenance tasks. Even the difficulties of sitting in a chair or standing for prolonged periods of time with a sore back might be something the average person can relate to.

At any given time, roughly 72% of fibromyalgia patients have objective evidence of painful muscular knots in their low back region.1 This means most people with fibro have low back pain with the added discomfort of their widespread symptoms. On the flip side, a recent study found 28% of women with chronic low back pain also met the criteria for fibromyalgia.2

The purpose of the above study was to examine the impact fibromyalgia had on people already burdened with chronic low back pain, compared to those who only had the back pain. By itself, low back pain produced serious consequences for the 130 people in the study. Many objective findings such as handgrip strength, walking speed, and work disability were combined with validated questionnaires to assess the impact of the chronic painful conditions.

As to be expected, chronic low back pain seriously affected patients in the study regardless of whether they also had the widespread symptoms of fibromyalgia. However, patients with both pain conditions were clearly more burdened. So if the people in your life (partner, friend or coworker) understand how back pain interferes with function, this study might help explain why your fibro symptoms further limit your abilities.

“The back pain plus fibromyalgia group showed significantly more severe impairments in body functions, more severe activity limitations, and participation restrictions,” writes the lead author Lena Nordeman, Ph.D., RPT. She adds, “Less social support and lower healthy-related quality of life” was also found in the patients with both conditions compared to those with low back pain.

More specifically, the reduced speed of walking and handgrip strength in the fibro group was nearly the same as that reported for healthy people 15 years older. Many patients with fibromyalgia state they feel much older than they really are, and the measurements from this study offer confirmation. However, it is not just a state of mind, as neither patient group (low back or fibro) met the criteria for clinical depression or anxiety.

Physical function and vitality were both significantly lowered in the fibromyalgia group versus the low back pain group. This likely reflects the more systemic and fatiguing effects of the widespread symptoms of fibro versus the more regional back pain syndrome.

If anyone questions your limitations, you might start by asking if they have ever had a severe back ache because most people have. Then explain how fibromyalgia further impacts your function on a daily basis.

1. Ge HY, et al. Arthritis Res Ther 13(2):R48, Mar 22, 2011.
2. Nordeman L, et al. Clin J Pain 28:65-72, 2012.

145 Responses to How Back Pain Affects Fibromyalgia

  1. Melanie says:

    I have fibromyalgia as well as lower bank pain and 3 herniated discs which have worsened my chronic pain. I should also say that I have been on Fentora for 8 years and likely have not built up a tolerance. In two weeks I will need a total hip replacement and possibly another next year from osteoarthritis. Because of all my ailments there are members in my family who do not believe that I could possibly be so much chronic pain and show no empathy for me. It is a terrible wAy to live. Thank you for letting me vent

    • Rebecca says:

      Bless you Melanie, I have had FMS for over 16 yrs. Now last spring I had a severe attack of vertigo losing control of all functions. Tested for ear problems none but have just plain vertigo. I see a Neuro and he’s great I also have Narcolepsy and a whole lotta pain I lost my job last summer I had worked there for 9 yrs. but I am too sick to work. EVERYONE it seems treats me as if I am lazy, a complainer, or tells me I need to get out more!!! I also have clinical depression. What a mess, but you are not alone! Take care.

      • jo folini says:

        Im from malta and there is still so much misunderstood;i have all the symptoms and a clinical depression;this week i felt im loosing my mind….i am 51 yrs.and have always been so active .alive and sociable……im passing most of my time in bed……….dont socialise. Left my worker ;which i loved; i am so relieved hearing im not aloneeeeeee;thank u so much.

        • Michaelle says:

          After being diagnosed with fibromylagia 5 yrs ago, I could feel my life just disappear. I understand how you are feeling Jo Folini. I have recently been diagnosed with sever depression with P.T.S.D. & am currently receiving treatment. I am mourning the loss of myself, the person I once was, healthy, active, hard worker. Now there are days I wonder why I am here. I am so limited in my abilities.

      • kat says:

        I am going through so much of the same things as you i may be losing my job because i can not do the work and i am in pain all the time and havining problems with losing bodily functions and so much more . i walk with a cane because im afraid my legs will give out again. also they will be taking my insurance away due to the fact i can no longer it. i also suffer from depression , its so hard

        • lisa says:

          Kat, I can’t believe you mentioned about loosing your bodily functions.
          I have had a couple of episodes where my butt went loose on me and luckily
          there was nothing in there. Is this going to get worse over time? Both times this happened I was extremely fatigued.

      • Rowena Coote says:

        All i want is recognition. I don’t want sympathy with this invisible disease. I wish there was something visible people could see, like when you have broken leg or injury. But with fibro they see absolutely nothing except our moaning about it. If they had to live in my body for a day or even an hour, they would know how horrific it is. Constant never ending chronic pain all over the body.

        • Sophia says:

          I understand how you feel I have just been diagnosed after 17 yrs of suffering and not knowing what it is. People dont get it after explaining my condition to my sis in law over the phone she sees me & says ‘you look fine there is nothing wrong with you’!. You will get a thatfrom people as its not visible. I dont want sympathy but some respect and recognition would be lovely. Chin up!

        • Michaelle says:

          Rowena, I think it’s difficult for others to understand when they are not the ones suffering as we do with fibro. They forget you have a chronic symptom. If we had a scar, they would remember. My husband forgets often and I must admit, it hurts. It is a terrible thing to be plagued with. Pain from head, yes severe headaches, my feet hurt when I walk, as my legs, hips & back.

    • Chris says:

      I also have found that when my lower back hurts more other things hurts less. I’ve even noticed when I get a cold my other symptoms are better. It’s like my body focuses more on whatever the worst symptom is at the time. Someone should do some research on that.

      • Rachel Escamilla says:

        Cris, regarding systems, when I have severe or chronic pain in one part of my body or maybe two. What is always aching doesn’t. Like it concentrates on that pain. I vary in my pain. for weeks something will hurt, then other parts, Everything gets a turn, then starts again. Mainly my lower buttocks, hips, feet, tingle fingers, elbow and knee ALWAYS NO REST specially butt and well all the above.

      • Cindy says:

        Yes, I agree. I don’t usually get colds or flu but I do have fibro and Crohn’s disease. I feel like at least I’m entitled to that and my body is busy dealing with my chronic conditions.

      • Jill says:

        I too, have found that if I have more pain in one area, the others areas are less. I just had both knees replaced, and my fibro pain was much less for a while. Now the lower back pain has started again, as well as the all over pain.

      • Jade says:

        I have noticed when something else bigger is going on the fibro and psoriatic arthritis is not as painful as usual. I always wondered if it was just me that it happened to. When I get a severe cold, the flu or even have surgery I almost feel like I get a break from this chronic nagging pain because something else is going on. I’m happy someone else has noticed it also.

      • Coyote says:

        Chris, I notice that too. If I have a cold or the flu, my fibro pain diminishes significantly. Currently, I’m experiencing a lot of mid-to-upper back pain, which is a new symptom for me, but the rest of my body has a significantly reduced degree of pain. So weird and frustrating.

    • saundra adams says:

      bless your heart, they only give me tramadol. is does not work. go figure. i am 61, and it looks like i am 100 when i try to get around. i am sorry for both of us.

      • Opal Howell says:

        Saundera, I have had fibro sence I was 19 am now 68, I could talk all day about, cronic fatigue syndrone, irratable bowl, blurie vison, low back pain, upper back pain. As I got older it became so sevier I could no longer work. At that time I started taking Lyrica and it took about three weeks to get rid of all the knots in my lower back. MY family noticed the differance in my movements right away.

        • Robin Milliken says:

          I have used several drugs that helped a little for 3 weeks and then it was like nothing. I took Lyrica and it affected my eyes so bad I had to get new glasses.
          One thing I would really like to mention is how many think if you keep active the symptoms will lessen, wrong!I cant sit,stand or lay for long so I always have to be moving and it just sucks. I keep trying to fight and it keeps winning

    • Cecilia says:

      I, too, suffer from sciatica,and herniated disc in my neck. I have had 2 neck fusions and now they are talking about another at almost age sixty. I said no way, because like you I also have fibro.and other internal problems. So I feel I am in no shape for another surgery. Like you people are not believing I could be in so much pain, so I have learned to ignore them me and my dr. Know the truth. It is good to know I am not alone in this fight. Thankyou again I wish you all the best.

    • Heather says:

      I have Fibro and a pinched sciatic nerve. My pain meds don’t do much at all. I know I need to exercise, but who feels like exercising!?! At least I can still work. I will keep you all in my prayers!

    • peter blatchford says:


    • Shhirley says:

      I also have Fibro and it makes me so mad that some people think it’s all in your head. No empathy at all! Unless of coarse it is someone who deals with this chronic pain on a daily basis. Like all of you its so hard, life is just passing me by, Im 60 and feel 160 most days. I finally have an appointment with a new DR who deals with this disease, so hopeffully I can get some help…

    • Melody says:

      I too understand your pain, I have Fibro 28 years now and a cluster of painful lyphomas on my lower back(right at the bend). I really hate it when non believers think you are making it up and think fibromyalsia is just a made up name. Even my son thinks it is made up, irritates me. I don’t want or need attention, just a day of feeling okay will do for me. We all have to stick together!!

    • Karen says:

      Many years ago I decided that it was not worth the effort to explain to anyone how I feel. For years, even my husband did not believe. now he does and defends me. If they ask “what exactly is Fibromyalgia and how does it effect you?” I will tell them. Otherwise, since I do not allow the disease to define me, I say nothing to anyone. It is easier that way and I do what I can when I can

    • Lance says:

      I know your feeling, family doubt, I wish my mother could feel pain for 5 minutes,she would open her eyes. I am 38 and can’t get out of bed. Pain meds are a joke, I don’t understand how or why people even get addicted to them as they barely take the edge off of my pain. I’m done letting gov medicare suck all funds from my family. Hang in there.

    • Grace Sullivan says:

      I have low back pain, fibromyalgia, diabetes, as well as depression, anxiety, and arthritis. This site is very helpful. I am much slower walking. I use a cane and doing some household tasks really can cause a flare. Thank you for being here.

  2. Patricia A. Webster says:

    This was very pertinent to me since I have both back pain and fibromyalgia. i am also recovering from rotator cuff surgery with clavicle damage from a fall. It will probably help my family to read this but I try to keep my pain to myself whcih is not always good for me. As a nurse i appreciated the article and the research being done on this.

  3. Sheila Redmond says:

    This article describes me to a T. I have arthritis in every joint and I have some buldging disks. That pain is different from the fibromyalgia pain but if I have one I seem to have the otherl Most people, even those I live with have no understaning of how painful living is for me. I can not find releif from pain, and of course the MD’s think I am seeking pain medications. My family think I am lazy now. I miss a lot of work and they don’t understand either even though I am in a health care setting.

    • Lori says:

      I totally understand your position. I live in Wyoming and there are like 4 pain management doctors. I also have alot of family stress I’m dealing with which does not help the knots I get in my back besides the general fibro pain. About to lose my mind as there is no support in my area and my family does not understand (even tho they say they do).

  4. dorothy harris says:

    I feel exactly what your talking about my back pain leaves me disabeld while my fibro leaves me in excrutiating pain it really is a catch 22. I am 47 feeling like I,m 67 spend many days lying in bed so fatigued.

    • Sandy Brown says:

      I am so compassionate for you and want you to know you are not alone. Today I am in so much pain. I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia and diabetes and a herniated disk in my lower back and I have had two cervical fusions. I am fused from C4-C7. My Orthopedic Doctor told me I am going to need two knee replacements as well. I am 51 years old and feel like I am 91. My parents are in less pain than me and are able to do more than I can. I can’t wait to take a hot bath in Eucalyptus Salts later today. That is what I have to look forward to.

    • MaryAnne says:

      Dorothy, I can so empathize with you. I have DDD, Osteoarthritis, Spinalstenosis, carpal tunnel and this plays havoc with my FM pain. It seems like you can’t have one without the other. It has definitely impacted my life as I haven’t been well since I was 40. Now 48, I feel like I’m 20 years older. I take everyday as it comes thankful that I am still alive and breathing.

  5. Amy Stepp says:

    Thank you, Thank you , Thank you for this article. Now I know that the problems I have been having with my hands are FMS related. No doctor would tell me this. But what I don’t understand is when my lower back is not that bad other symptoms are worse. Or is it what I preceive since my brain is not focused on the lower back pain I feel all the other pain more even though it’s always there?

    Again Thank You.

    • Tammy says:

      I know this is all crazy making…all of it….but I do feel the same pain as you….I have a multitude of ailments and chronic pain and FM are at the top of the list. I fell recently and broke my elbow andhurt my knee badly…it seems that all my pain receptors are going to those areas and my back (10 surgeries) is feeling so good for a change…makes no sense…but I too think it is the way the brain works…amazing…

    • Sharon Summers says:

      bingo – I haven’t heard anything about this phenomena before; when one part of the body quits hurting for a while, another part starts up…is it just perception, or what is it? Anybody else have this problem?

    • Donna says:

      you may have this info already but go to isotoner glove website and go to theraputic gloves, these were a miracle for me. they fit tight and u have the tips of your fingers out for gripping. I have another pair I ordered thru my pharmacy but they are not as good. I use the gloves & elbow braces. just got put on fentenyl patch along with tramadol, getting alittle more relief. hope this helps

      • Leo says:

        Basically to follow up on the update of this subject on your website and wish to let you know simply how much I valued the time you took to write this beneficial post. Inside the post, you actually spoke regarding how to truly handle this issue with all comfort. It would be my personal pleasure to build up some more thoughts from your website and come as much as offer others what I learned from.

  6. Veronica Singer says:

    How in heaven’s name do I deal with fibromyalgia combined with spinal stenosis and two herniated discs in my lower back? The pain is constant and interferes with everything I try to do.

    • donna says:

      i am in pain on a daily basis and it is very difficult to do the things that i should be doing and it is more frustrating as i live alone so i know there are things that i need to do around the house. I am on 3 different medications and one is a pain killer it helps some but not enough. thank you for letting me share

    • Sandy Brown says:

      So sorry to hear that you do not know how to handle all this pain. Nobody does… You just have to take one day one hour one minute at a time. Do what you can do and do not over do. Listen to your favorite music and take up a hobby that will keep your mind off your pain. Stay connected to the people that really care about you and rid your life of the other people that cause you stress. Focus every day and minute on what makes you happy. Keep it simple. Like I like a nice warm cup of Peppermint Tea to make me feel good and happy. Warm baths in Lavendar and Eucalyptus Salts makes me feel good. Lighting a Lavender Candle makes me feel good. I am sure you can find the little things in life that make you feel good too. Good Luck and God Bless You <3

      • Lena says:

        I hear and understand each and every one of you. I am in pain every day, fatigued, depression, reactions to many meds, the list goes on. It’s true, life is not fair, but i have been lucky to be blessed with fantastic support from my Husband, Family, and Family Doctor, and the day i found this web site. Information and support is the only way to get through each and every day. To know you are not alone, it’s not all in our heads, and to know how we live our lives is up to us, what we put into our own care, because it starts with one small step {literally}. We will fall back many times, but the only solution is to keep going forward.

      • MaryAnne says:

        Thanks Sandra for your post. Excellent advice. We need to be kind to ourselves and do things that help us cope with our pain and fatigue. Baths are amazing and seem to soothe my aching body. Lavendar and Lilac Blossoms lift my spirits and soft music helps put me in a meditative state and relaxes me. Finding something that works for you and can be used as a coping mechanism helps.

    • Diane Barham says:

      You find a good pain Dr. I have one. I also have arthritis over my whole body and have had Fibro for over 30 years. I can’t stand for more than 2 or 3 minutes. Hard to iron. My companion of 28 years has started doing dishes for me. It’s a give and take life. Soft and gentle hugs.

    • Estelle says:

      I had to get real specific with my internist about my pain from the spinal stenosis. When I told her I was unable to stand for more than 2 minutes at a time she finally understood what I had been telling her about doing my ADLs in shifts. She said “That’s not acceptable!” and sent me to a pain management Dr. Nobody thinks I am drug seeking even though my pain Doc has me on very potent opiod. He first gave me a round of 3 epidural injections of cortisone that helped quite a bit. I also have bulging discs and other sources of pain from OA in my spine and elsewhere. He understands this is a chronic condition and is treating me appropriotely. I hope this helps you.

    • Rowena Coote says:

      I sympathise with many of you. Unable to stand, sit or lay down for any length of time and in total agony day in day out. I also have oestioarthritis in my hands. I still work. I stand all day in total agony in my back and legs. I am totally exhausted all the time and no one really knows the extend of the pain i am really in as i try to keep it to myself, especially at work as i cant afford to lose my job. My boyfriend doesn’t really understand and just thinks i’m being lazy on my days off when i say i really cant do anything. If i had a leg amputated i would get all the symnpathy and understanding but because this is an ‘invisible’ condition its very hard to get your point across to people/employers/family and friends without sounding like a winging layabout. I have totally had enough of it! Anyone agree with me ??

      • Yvonne Daisey says:

        Yes Rowena…I totally agree with everything you just stated. I am 57 years old..have had FMS for 12 years now. I have the same exact issues as you.I think the people from S.S. Disability need to do some research about this also. They tend to beleive that this is not debilitating enough to be placed on Disability. Good luck to you and thanks for sharing.

      • Judith Contresceri says:

        I am 57, and have lived with Fibro so long, i don’t remember how life is without back and hip pain. Can not stand long or sleep. The pain and exhaustion have taken over my life. If I try to live, by getting out and doing anything. It takes me 3 days to recover. I am alone, without help. I am not on medication. What helps me sleep better is a, bed pad, with a nylon backing.

    • Kathryn says:

      I have fibro and spinal scoliosis. Have lost 2 1/2″ in height in last 4 years. I have a pain specialist that does Radio Frequency Ablation, it helps a lot. look it up has helped so much that I will not have back surgery until it no longer works.

  7. Kat says:

    I have been Diagnosed with FMS, and have chronic low back pain. Recently I have been diagnosed with DDD and osteoarthritis in the lower back. The pain is most intense between my hips, specially right before it rains. I work in the medical field so most co-workers understand low back pain; but I dont think most people really understand the full spectrum FMS can have on your life. Some days I stand, most of the day, because my back is not comfortable in a seated position. There is a constant ache all the time that fatigues me quickly, it is so frustrating.

  8. Donna White says:

    I have had 3 major back surgeries with laminectomy and fusion. I still am in pain as I still suffer with sciatica bilaterally. Between that and the Fibromyalgia getting through the day is a great challenge. Thankfully I have a family that understands I am going through a great deal of pain, but unfortunately I do not have the help from my insurance provider. And yes at 61, I am beginning to feel about 75 or 80.

    • Jagroop says:

      I simply had to appreciate you once more. I do not know the things I might have handled in the absence of the entire thoughts shown by you directly on such questions. It was actually a horrifying setting in my position, nevertheless being able to see a skilled fashion you solved that made me to leap with gladness. Now i am grateful for the support and even pray you realize what a great job that you’re doing.

  9. Brenda Oaks says:

    So what do you do if your healthcare team thinks you just want opioids? Everytime I have tried to tell them that we either need to up my curent meds or try something different, I got “well we are not giving you vicodin.” I was so shocked and since I did not seep the night before due to pain, I could not even get upset till after I left. I feel that if I try to switch providers it will just make them think that I am pain seeking. What I really am is hurt and not getting the care i need. I was so upset that I had a flair up and slept most of the next day. How can I make them understand. I was not even asking for opiads. Just something different. I have been on the same meds since Oct. and it just is not working for me any more.

    • AJ says:

      It’s hard to walk away from a doctor like that but if u don’t then the treatments will be the same with no change. Needless to say I have found a new doc in OKC that I am hoping will be able to help me. I feel like I am one legged depressed duck swimming in a circle. Hope u find a food doctor soon

      • Valerie says:

        Aj, I live in Oklahoma city as well. Can I ask which painanagent doc you are seeing? I go to Kelly Pain Management at the Oklahoma Pain Center. I may be having to switch pretty soon due to a change in healthcare. I’m about to loose my job due to all my callins. I have fibro, lupus, and reactive arthritis and while I was able to work through it all for 8 years after being diagnosed, I can’t now

    • sylvia woods says:

      This is to Brenda..Just find a dr. that really believes you..I have been told that my tests were good enough that I could run a marathon.I finally found a rheumy and I am getting treatment for inflammation…that also did not show up…in April I will begin methotrexate..

    • Kathryn says:

      What works for me when I talk to physicians is to be very specific about what you can’t do such as I can’t stand for more than 5 minutes before I need to sit. I can’t sit more than 5 minutes without severe pain at a level of 8, 9 or whatever it is for you. Better than subjective terms. Also tell what else you do to get relief and how it works or not. Talk in terms of functionality.

    • Jaime Paice says:

      I too have struggled with my dr. On my last visit I was told to try and do more instead of asking for help and then I would miraculously feel better!! Pah! What a load of rubbish. One dr tells me to rest during the day and sleep if needed, another tells me not to as it will interfere with my night sleep. I wish I could find an understanding medical professional.

    • roxanna says:

      I know what u mean, ask ur provider if they can send u to a pain specialist and go from there.

  10. Carla says:

    Thank you for posting this. It made me feel better knowing this information and that it wasn’t all in my head.
    I also have a lot of knee, shin, muscles around my knees, ankle and heel pain. I feel some of it is due to my fibromyalgia, OA and RA.

    • Nilda says:

      I am so glad to know I am not the only one. You describe the pains like you knew me. I miss a lot of work due to this. I am very fortunate to have a boss that is patient and understanding. He allows me to work from home on my worse days.

    • zelphia says:

      Thank you for keeping us informed and able to communicate with others with FM and chonic back pain .I am 47 and in constant pain my hand hurt all the time can’t open anything so frustrating always fatigue , depressed and short temmpered every joint hurts i feel like i’m 20 years older my dad is 91 and he’s in better health than me.

  11. MELANIE says:

    Thank you for this article…………..for me, after 1 1/2 years having back pain and not knowing why…………..that was what confirm my fibromyalgia………….sure I had all the other symptoms but they did not put the two together…………… after 1 month knowing, I feeel a little bit better but I know that the road will be hard and ectic…….

  12. Rebecca Frith says:

    After more then 15 years of FM, DDD & osteoarthritis I feel like I am 10 years olde. I thought it was just me who feels like this.Thanks for the new info. Some of my family has nothing to do with me, since I have been on disability since 1997, after struggling to work 2 years after finally being diagnosed with FM. We have to remember that doctors are just, in my words, “educated guessers” They do try to help,but they have been trained to look for certain “clues”. Now they have to deal with government watch dogs that note every opiod perscription they write. I am thankfull that I now have a “pain management” doctor that really cares. He recommended a Tens Unit for me and I have found it helps with the muscle knots. That and prayer, and an understanding husband have made me feel blessed.

  13. Mary says:

    I have osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. Back pain is horrible most of the time. People who don’t have FMS don’t understand. Thank you for publishing this. We so appreciate you and the articles you put out there for us. Thank you, again.

  14. Karen London says:

    What a great article. I have back pain 100% of the time but also have Fibromyalgia which right now is in my neck and shoulders. I work in an office and by the end of the day, I am in so much pain, it hurts to just hold up my head some nights.

  15. Opel says:

    I have a very understanding husband but he can not even fatham that I am in this much pain everyday. Is there anyone out there that has found any combo of medication that will at least offer enough relieve to make it thru the normal day to day functions.

    • Zoe says:

      Hi Opel,
      Before I had to cancel my health ins. due to being cut-off from my Long Term Disability, I was being seen by a Pain Management group. They then diagnosed me with DDD, Spondolathyosis(sp), Scoliosis, and Fibro. I ended up on Opana ER, Percoset for break thru pain, Gabapentin for the fibro, and that was the closest I got to relief. For me, it alleviated about 30-40% of my pain. I had to quit working in 2008, and just finally had my SSDI hearing 2 weeks ago. Now that I can’t afford the Opana ER, my pain is much worse. I hope this helps you! Good Luck….

    • Cindy says:

      I recommend gabapentin 3xday, they have to gradually up your dose. Also, Vicodin for late afternoon or whenever the pain is worse, usually only once a day. For your very worst pain – for me my neck – get trigger point injections of some type of cane, e.g. Lidocaine, etc. That is huge. Getting rid of the worst makes others better too. Lastly, something to help you sleep. (out of room)

  16. Celeste Cooper says:

    Great article that will help so many of us. TY

  17. shirley hale says:

    Reading these makes me very thankful that I have a medical doctor and a chiropractor who understand fibro and work with me to deal with my pain/sleep. I have only had my meds changed only a few times..I’m blessed, I know I could have many other pain problems I could be dealing with..but I know when I have lower back pain, it is much harder to cope with, but so far my chiropractor has been able to make adjustments to help.
    I’m glad I opened this web page today.

    • Lynn says:

      I was in total pain with Fibro, arthritis in neck and back, bone spurs in neck and hip, torn labrum and cist in shoulder, burning in shins, DDD. I found a Chiroprator that trained in Manipulation under anesthea (MUA). It takes 3 days to do the prcedure, but it has helped me greatly. I still have flair ups, but nothing like before. I now take very little meds. It is totally worth checking into.

  18. Karen says:

    I am very fortunate to have a doctor that totally understands that the pain needs to be controlled along with the symptoms of my fibromyalgia. Many of you seem to need a pain specialist. I went to a pain clinic for many years and now my primary doctor manages my medications for me. I am on 2 narcotics for my pain along with cymbalta and muscle relaxants. I also have a tens unit which helps manage the extra pain that I have. I do appreciate all the information that I recieve here and know if something new comes along I can discuss it with my doctor and not be ignored or belittled. If you are having a problem with your doctor, I would suggest you find one that is more understanding and aware of what you are going through. I also have the extra benefit of complete support from my husband and children. It is said that some of the closet people in our lives, are truly unable to understand what fibromyalgia can do to a person. I find the best thing to do is just try to educate them, if possible, by sharing articles and information on the the subject. Thank you for all that you do. I also want to say to all of you just hang in there and take it a day at a time.

    • Cheryl Fisher says:

      All the pain specialists I have called use injections, one even told me on the phone that they don’t prescribe meds. This doctor was voted the top pain mgt doc in my area. Sad…

    • JERI says:


  19. Millie says:

    I understand what is being said in this article. My parents and friends think I am either lying or that my ailments aren’t that bad. I just more people would understand the effects of having a bad back, OA, RA, and fibro! I had to quit working 2 yrs ago and for 3 wks after that I cried because I was once a very independent and outdoorsy woman. I still try to do things when I have “good” days but usually end up paying for it afterwards.

    • Zoe says:

      Hi Millie,

      I am fortunate in that My parents and my true friends know and understand what I am going thru. I finally had to quit working in 2008 after 16 yrs of lower back pain, then the diagnosis of Fibro. I still have my “depressed” days. I, like you , always managed to overdue it on my better days then suffer for 2-3 days afterwards. I was finally able to do things and know my limits. Now, I may do a chore that hurts, but usually only pay for it big time the day I do it. My pain never goes away, but I can help the pain by watching what I do. I hope this helps you. I to thought my depression was brought on by the pain. But in reality, it was because I was so independent, and I love to work, that because I couldn’t work anymore was the biggest reason for my depression. Good Luck!!

  20. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this reassurance in print. I guess the secret to surviving it all is just not giving up. I had to change doctors till I put a team together that believed in me. I continue to fight my insurance company when they cost me my health team and refuse me my medicines. Don’t get me wrong, I have mini meltdowns almost daily. But I also try to be kind to myself and find the good stuff in life daily as well. The sunshine, snowflakes, the purr of my cats… I try to educate anyone who walks in my path. No one can truly understand what I feel in my body except another who has the same diseases. If those around you can’t offer the minimum of support, maybe you need to find your support system elsewhere. These diseases have cost me my life as I knew it. And I almost” threw in the towel” once! Thank God I didn’t! Instead, I just started over and created a new life. That is a gift we can give to ourselves every day! Hang in there everybody!

  21. Keri says:

    I have had six spinal surgeries and thought that the pain from my back was the worst thing I was going to go through. The doctors said the pain would not go away. Adding Fibro to the mix was just overwhelming. I really thank you for posting this, I sometimes feel all alone in this. To be honest, the back pain, as bad as it is, does not even compare to the pain and debilitation of the Fibro. Something always hurts, and every energy surge is followed by consequential depletion and aggravation of pain. I am always planning when to hurt and days that I can afford to pay for the extra effort. The only thing that helps is to try to keep involved in things, people and lots and lots of prayer. Thanks for listening.

  22. Val says:

    Has anyone done IMS treatment and if so have they received any benefit from it?

  23. Paula says:

    Millie, and all others that the family does not understand. Even the doctors that just think we are constant complainers. If they had to walk in our shoes just one day they would not treat us this way anymore.I am so tired and fatigued all the time and in chronic pain everyday. I do take some meds that help some. But not much. I just want you all to know that I understand, and have compassion for each and everyone of you. Just wanted to share this with you all because i and walking in your shoes and I understand. Paula

  24. dsvid says:

    Have chronic pain in my back and arms shoulders, My job with so much repetitive work leaves me exhausted mentally and phsically most days. The only thing that has helped me in the past is a good osteopath and a regular exercise program helps a LOT. Go slowly at first untill you can build up a little stanima. It really will help god bless you all.

  25. Lorne says:

    Thank you all for being here and helping me to understand FM. I also have osteoarthritis, and chronic, severe lower back pain. My doctor, for years, has insisted that men don’t get FM and tries to give me pain medication for arthritis. Doesn’t help with any of the FM symptoms. I finally convinced him to send me to a rheumatologist. He diagnosed FM, and was very thorough in his his exam and evaluation. Now that I know that this site is here, I will be visiting frequently and carefully listening to all the posts. Thank you so much for sharing. Peace be with all of you.

  26. HELEN says:

    What a relief to find this article and the responses from all the previous sufferers. Just to know that the poor grip etc is part of the fibro syndrome is reassuring, as so many doctors just treat all the individual problems without looking at the overall picture. I, too, have Fibro, osteoarthritis combined with chronic back pain (for 29 years) I have several bulging discs. one torn, and spinal stenosis. It is very hard to get some family members to understand just how much pain I am in. Thankfully I have a very supportive husband. My answer now is to draw back from those people, as it only adds more stress and that is something you really do not need with fibro. So what if they are annoyed? It comes down to self- preservation!

    • Arfaaz says:

      A scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory seeks to deicovsr why bones deteriorate as they age in the hopes of finding more effective ways to make them stronger.

  27. Kathy says:

    I spent the first five years on opiods, worked full time and trying to be wonder woman… I just became a “broken” woman. It was a difficult journey to get off of the drugs but the drugs were controlling my life. I take the new Fibro medication, Savella along with muscle relaxers and Tramadol; these help but truly the only thing you can to is to be forgiving of yourself. The other thing I do is I see an Accupuncturist 2 times a week. Until all the “white coats” are willing to get educated about FM and listen to their patients..there will only be more comments that label us as Drug-seekers and Depressed. My advise to all of you is to be your own advocate make your doctor listen and keep praying.Kathy

  28. molly turner says:

    Hi. Feel the same way as a lot of the above. Doctors took 12 years to “discover” FM; yet they don’t believe me, fight me on pain meds, don’t remember my diagnosis, too busy to have a patient like you one dr. said. I’m ill but I don’t look ill. Also OA, chronic fatique. Pain, nausea, irritation constant. Struggling to work have lost 3 jobs in 2 years but can’t qualify for any help. Friends, family, employers don’t believe me, seem to feel I’m lazy “if you’d just get some exercise”… I used to be successful career woman, can barely get off the couch.

  29. Bonnie says:

    I love these articles and comments. I have had fibro for 15 yrs, and struggle everyday just to keep my house clean. I have started to educate my husband also with these articles and he understands a little and is very supportive. In the last 3 yrs my lower back pain started and I thought it was our mattress, so we bought a new one, I still wake up sometimes unable to get out of bed, so I just roll out very careful not to land on my knees. I am blessed to have a very good understanding Doctor. At present I am being tested for RA as she says I don’t have osteo. Some days are so painful I don’t leave the couch. Thank-you all for sharing, It is great to know that I am not alone. Take Care all.

  30. Joyce says:

    It’s so good to know everything I am feeling is not all in my head. I have been to Drs. that make me feel so awful, and your waisting their time by just being there. I have OA, fibro, and degenerate disk with three disk that are bone to bone, and siatica. I have OA in my feet, which makes walking painful. I work on my feet 8 hrs a day, The only thing I can take for pain is Ipuporfin and tylenol for arthristis. No meds help me. I feel my pain is getting worse the older I am getting.. Reading these articles give me hope to know there are others out there. I am not alone in this. Thankyou for listening.

  31. cathy says:

    Ihave had fibro for many years as well as arthritis. two years ago I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and by 4 pm each day I am feeling like I have to be very careful how I move. I went on disability 3 years ago and have had to hire a housekeeper. I couldnt understand why the back pain didn t ease. Im on a holiday and I want to sit and relax but hubby who is active wants to keep on the go. He is learning to be more helpful. I am really getting tired of people wanting me to walk, walk, walk.

  32. anne says:

    i have had fibromyalgia for a few years ,and i thought i was losing my mind! the neck and shoulder pain ,low back pain would be so bad it would bring me to tears and all i could do was rock and hold my pillow! The pain of fibromyalgia to me is worse than childbirth pain. There are some good days with no pain ,but when the pain starts it will take the memory of the good days far from your mind and you don’t feel like you can outlast this pain. I am an active person and i hate being slowed down but old fibro will surely put the brakes on your actions! glad to know i have a family out there that knows my pain.

  33. Robbin Schroeder says:

    I have had chronic low back pain for so long I can’t even tell you when it began. I also have Fibro and Lupus, so the back pain just intensifies the all over pain. I’ve been on so many different muscle relaxers, pain medications that I’m almost immune to pain meds. I’ve used ice, heat, chiropractors which only made it worse. I’m on to epidurals. #3 on friday. It’s only short term relief.

  34. Kim says:

    I also have Fibromyalgia, Major Depression, 2 Bulging Disc etc. My Lower back hurts me all the time, the Dr says its Moderate, I stand for less then 5 min. I have to sit down. My Fibro I use Bengay and I am also on Tramadol for pain 8 at 50 mg a day.

  35. Mike Henrico says:

    Despite having tried many different medications, the only one that
    has helped has been Amitrityline (brand name Trepiline in my country).
    It’s only effect has been to reduce my lower back pain – but it’s effect
    has been dramatic enough to improve my mobility and to reduce pain
    in one part of my body. I have limited my dose to 75mg per day, to limit
    any side effects.

  36. Jean Wampler says:

    Wow I have a lot of the same symptons as everyone else on here. I have fibro, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis in my back and knees, depression, anxiety, sleep apnea, and memory and brain fog. I’m 47 but feel a whole lot older. Can’t do the things I used to love to do. Can’t even walkbut to the mailbox without hurting.

  37. Debbie says:

    Wow! Sure is amazing to hear all of the above info ! No one knows what we are going thru -unless you have Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis – the pain and fatigue and mental fog have often got me! But each day I try to make a game of thinking of and being grateful for all the good going on in my life throughout the day. It is so difficult to constantly feel like you have been run over by a train.

  38. Tricia says:

    I too have FM, osteoarthritis, low back pain. I appreciate all the advice you all have given. I am grateful for each day that I get through. I wish my husband and family were more understanding but I have a great Dr. who has been so good to me as far as different treatments and drug therapies. I just started accupunture but it doesn’t seem to be helping. God bless you all!

  39. Mary says:

    I have small fractures in my L4 and L5 from falling on my back twice as a child. I have had back problems since I was 11. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 3 weeks ago. For the last 4 days it has been rainy and humid here in Iowa and since the 1st day i have had the worst back ache,and like many of you said I was curious why i wasn’t really having pain anywhere else since it…

  40. teri says:

    I can relate to most all the comments….the only thing I want to add is that I have ….at 59….realized that what other people…especially family…think of me is none of my business….I am grateful for the handful of supportive people in my life and the rest….well..they can do whatever…I don’t need them….my biggest support comes from within…

  41. Lisa Rybka says:

    Diag’d with fibro, DDD in my lumbar spine, a displaced tailbone, spinal stenosis and an bulging discs in my cervical spine after my son was born. Before I could begin meds, I was pregnant again! Very difficult to look after a 30 pound toddler and 8 mths preg. I hope to receive aggr. pain mgmt after baby 2 is born. Can barely lift my son and how will cope with 2 babies? I’m only 35 -feel 70!

  42. Beth says:

    Cindy/Rachel/Cris – I also have a highly functioning immune system re: colds, flu, etc. On the rare occasion that I do catch one, (perhaps 2x year) my constant body pain and fatigue completely disappears. Also, the cold etc’s duration is greatly reduced-to perhaps just a half a day to a day. Thought I was the only one this happens to! There really needs to be a study done on this.

  43. gayle weiss says:

    After reading this article and all the comments, I want to cry. I have had FMS for over 15 yrs.I have experienced almost all of the above…including being called lazy, lack of care from doctors, not being able to work. Peoples say they understand but, don’t have a clue. I can’t begin to tell yoe how grateful I am that I ran across this site. Knowing I’m not clones Thank you so, so much.

  44. Jennifer G says:

    Does back surgery really help,or is it a temporary fix? I’ve been living with the same conditions for many years! I sympathize with you all. I am on some of the same meds as you, plus meds for other conditions. It’s miserable not being able to play with grandchildren, travel to visit relatives, work in the yard, inside chores, shopping! I’m 65. No understanding!!!!!!

  45. Patrick Giles says:

    Never knew that 20 + years of 3 sports a year would take such a toll on my body – never fathomed the severity. I was diagnosed with Fibro in-between my 5th & 6th spinal procedure. 7 herniated discs , three bulging , severe spinal stenosis, severe spinal arthritis & one badly nerve damaged left leg due to an error by neuro surgeon during ablation of lower back nerves. It appears I was not Superman

  46. Jessica says:

    What about upper back & shoulder pain with or without fibro. I feel like the only person on the planet with upper back pain. I’ve tried searching the internet, but there is NOTHING! All I get is auto-corrections then it takes me to lower back pain. Knock on wood, I think that is the only place that I don’t have pain.

    • Brigid Harmon says:

      Jessica – My fibro symptoms started in my neck. Now, among other areas, I have severe pain in shoulders and upper back. My muscles go into spasm, tied into knots that I can actually feel; they send sharp, shooting pains up or down if pressed. Pain medications provide limited relief from spasms. Trigger-point injections & massage therapy (from a therapist familiar with fibro) are most effective.

  47. JERI says:

    After 20 yrs of suffering, and symptoms, I finally was lucky enough to be put in touch with a great pain management dr. I’m finally getting narcotics for my pain. It doesn’t stop the pain completely but, it does make a huge difference. My spine is bad, the pain radiates to the buttocks and my hips. My dr is also a spinal surgeon and an anesthesist. I am so grateful.

  48. candace says:

    i agree with u all i have fibro arthritis in my knee cap diabetes heart problem sleep apnea and thyroid problems im 27 feel like im 90

  49. Mary says:

    Have had FM for 35 years and know all your symptoms and frustrations. I have recently found a clue- it is gluten. just do a Google search on gluten and fibromyalgia or gluten and arthritis. You will be amazed at what you find. I hope that it brings you hope as it has for me. I’ve been gluten free for almost 2 months and I don’t walk like an old lady anymore.

  50. Mary says:

    Along with FMS I have several chronic conditions that I am seeing specialists for. Well, finally I caved and I am listening to the doctors who are trying new meds. The pharmacist LOUDLY announced that my perscription was late due to it being a CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE. Then she further questioned loudly my meds as perscribed. I felt so low and horrible. I wanted her to have my disabilities. Awful

  51. Phyllis says:

    I too have lower back pain. When in my 20′s I was diagnosed first with Spondylosis, then spondylothesis, then with stenosis at L5-6 – yes I have a poorly formed L6. Diagnosed with FMS and MCS in 96,
    I went to Dr. Fanto in Phoenix in 1997 and had a total spine MRI showing degenerating and bulging disks in the entire cervical, T-12, and total Lumbar spine. Not fun!

  52. Pheonix Rhain says:

    I was recently diagnosed with fibro.. it sux i also have arthritis, disc degeneration, bulging dics in my neck, and they said i prob have carpal, im 28 and feel like im 90. when the pain is at its worst i cant even get outta bed and take care of my lil one. people are always like i dont see why ur in so much pain..just deal with it and put a smile on ur face. its kinda hard when u cant fucntion.

  53. Kim Rothe-Gibson says:

    For AJ and Valerie, I live in OKC also and would love information on a good pain management doctor! Please let me know if you have found one! I have had FMS, OA, Reynaud’s, and severe back pain (upper, middle and lower) for at least 35 years. I cannot work in an outside job or take care of my beautiful flower beds which makes me feel like such a failure!

  54. Lita says:

    Sheesh, it’s almost painful how true this rings.

    I’m 25 and have fibro, cerebral palsy and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and honestly, the biggest thing I could think to say was “I feel so much older than I am.” And yet no one took a clue from that and my pain till just last year…? Just because I’m young…sheesh…

    But I am being treated now at least, and in less pain, so there is that.

  55. DEBBY White says:

    I have had fibro for 8 years, I am 56. I have used the tens unit, physical therapy, nevre block and countless steroid shots. I changed pain clinics and what a difference . Now , I use the Lidoderm patches, do yoga, but my doctor gives me shots every two weeks, the shot contains some steroids, lidocaine, and B 12. My pain has decreased about 75%. It is the right shot for me. Ask your doctor.

    • Bayer says:

      I have never had any back problems berofe but right after an auto accident I have been having persistent lower back pain. Pain that affects the way I move, how long I sit, lifting 10+ pounds, etc. I had a MRI done which showed mild arthritis inflamation, other than that MRI is normally. They are referring me to pain management b/c the pain is intense.

  56. Mary says:

    I have fibro, neuropathy, and the chronic low back pain gets so bad it will cause me to have severe diarrhea. Does anyone else experience it that bad? It is horrible. I used to be a medical transcriptionist and typed for 8-12 hours a day. No longer have feelings in my hands, can’t sit or stand more than 15 minutes at a time.

  57. Donna says:

    I was on Oxycontin and Oxycocet until this January, 2012 when I was hospitalized for blood clots in both lungs. I was removed from all my medications and was put on Morphine which I had problems with and then the dr. switched it to a synthetic Morphine. In Canada they have banned Oxycontin and Oxycocet and my doctor said no to Oxy-Neo the replacement. Is anyone else having this problem?

  58. Tina says:

    I have had Fibro for 10 years now (46yrs old) – I started on Oxycontin, but after 6 years I didn’t like how I felt. Yes, it helped the pain greatly, but I felt no energy. I am now on Morphine 60mg 3x’s day + Oxycodone 5mg 1 every 4 hours. It helps, but if I do something i end up in bed regardless. From reading all the above posts I am so HAPPY I am not alone.

    • Donna says:

      I have severe pain in my back and the doctor prescribed baclofen (muscle relaxant)1 tablet 3 times a day. The doctor told me the synthetic morphine 1 mg tablets that I took 1 to 2 tablets every 4 hrs. was causing my back spasms. The baclofen has been increased to 2 tablets 3 times a day and the morphine cut back to 3 times per day and the back spasms are still coming. Any suggestions?

    • Auth says:

      I’m 23 years old female. I injured my back about 7 or 8 years ago, I got whiplash from a bucking horse. They think I tore muscles and ligaments in my lower back, nothing was broken for the X-rays. I did physical therapy (PT) for it for about 6 months. About 3 weeks ago I found out that my left leg is about 3 cm longer than my right and could be causing some of my back pain.

  59. Donna says:

    The doctor prescribed baclofen 10 mg tablets 3 times a day for back spasms. He said I was taking too much morphine 1 mg but prescription was for 1 to 2 tablets every 4 hrs. and that it caused my back spasm. He increased my baclofen 10 mg to 2 tablets 3 times a day. I still have back spasms does anyone have any suggestions or heard of this being the cause of back spasms?

  60. Patrick says:

    Hi, credit must go for an extremely engaging article, I do not invariably attach
    remarks but enjoyed your weblog and so felt I’d say thanks for your time / Emily

  61. Lainel says:

    I have stenosis in my spine, with burning pain in buttocks, hips and thighs. The pain is aggravated with walking, especially uphill.
    The specialist said, that my spine was in a bad way, with a cyst at the base.
    Does anyone else find that walking aggravates the pain?
    It is terrible, that I cannot even walk to the beach close-by.
    I take Lyrica 75mg., Tramol 200 SR, Naprosyn and supplements…

  62. Kari says:

    It’s another night of intense pain and no sleep.
    So I came out to catch up on work but saw your site.
    I’m so very glad that I did. It’s been almost 40 years of battling
    CFS and FM along with all the other things that follow . One of the
    hardest is when we allow ourselves to fall into that trap of feeling
    all alone, so I want to thank you all for reminding me, that I am not,
    as my…

  63. Bobbi says:

    thank God Im not alone, thanku all for your advice and one day I hope that Fibro is recognised just as other medical conditions are. If only they could place this illness on TV too, it may make people aware that Fibro DOES exist. Im so over the lack of knowledge,as some of you have explained,no one really understands what Fibro can do to you mentally & physically. No support or understanding sux.

  64. Coyote says:

    Why is there so little mentioned re. low-dose Naltrexone (LDN) for fibromyalgia? It’s effective, with near-zero side effects. In 2009, Stanford University’s Neuroscience and Pain Lab conducted a study and reported: “LDN reduced daily pain, the highest level of pain, fatigue, and stress. Other symptoms, such as sleep problems, gastrointestinal complaints, and headaches, also seemed to be helped…

  65. Leisha says:

    I have been receintly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and i have been suffering from such leg cramps that wont go this associated with this disease?

  66. karen says:

    WOW!!!! I only read the first six responses and was like thats me! Im not alone. I want so bad to be back to the old me (2006). I still spend many days crying because I cannot do – I feel my muscles losing strength. IVe gained 3 dress sizes-hate the feeling. I too, had to leave my nursing job – I loved contact with people. But now I spend most of my days home alone.I sincerely hope for a cure

  67. karen says:

    This disease has torn apart my life. My dtrs left to live with their dad., once I stopped working- coworkers stopped calling. Friends I had got fewer and fewer calls from. I do have support from my boyfriend, my parents, some family and most of all websites like these. I love the fact that people post what helps them, I am currently on flexeril and ultram for fibro and effexor for depression.

  68. karen says:

    They will not give me anything stronger , not even to use just for bad flares. I am trying to read all i can , when my body and mind allows it. I am very forgetful – which is frustrating – im 43. I wish everyone a good day and continue posting bc your post may reach someone having a bad day who needed to hear your words to continue on.. We have to be our own support/advocates. Love to all

  69. JOYCE WALKER says:


  70. Libby says:

    I have degenerative disc disease, only 1 normal L disc, T12 completely gone and multiple bad discs in my neck. When my pain doctor said I shouldn’t be working, I lost a third of my pay to take a desk job. After two years, I was diagnosed with Fibromygia and was not able to work. 3 SS judges have denied my disability. I spend days in bed. The only person (my son) that believed me died 12/25/2011.

  71. mrsgnz82 says:

    Now in the process of having procedures that hopefully lessen some of the back pain but as we have seen recently in the news once again and all to often the cure can be worse than the pain. Makes life very difficult and at times the patient even more burdened by guilt. Why can’s she clean her house? Why can’t she get the children to school on time? Why can’t she be at the committee…

  72. BRANDY LOZANO says:


  73. Leona Doran says:

    I sufffer from constant back ache and at times its unbearable if I have been on my feet for to long if I bend over I can’t get back up again without help I have been to the doctors plenty of times and they say I have just strained the lower muscles in my back but I have been doing what they tell me for months and it doesn’t seam to be getting any better but only worse am I suffering from fibro?

  74. Martha Murphy says:

    It breaks my heart to read all the comments. I agree with Coyote. LDN is a tremendous help with fog, pain, balance, headaches. It is cheap, no side effects, take once a day at bedtime. Your Dr. probably knows nothing about it — you will have to do research. It does not remove all symptoms, but for me, over 50% are gone!!!

  75. mark harries says:

    I am a 28 year old male and for the last 3 weeks I have been suffering with diarrhoea, lower back pains and no energy to get out of bed. I have also been having trouble sleeping for the last 6 years and my GP has done nothing for me… what could this problem be and how do i cure it??? Someone please help.

  76. carrie jaguar says:

    Hi, I am from Kent- UK. I have had fibro for at least 5 years, if not longer. I have osteothritis in my spine, hips and knees. I am constantly in pain with headaches, oversensitivity to lights, tv, etc. I am so tired that somedays I can barely get out of bed, and with 6 yr old twins that is hard. If it wasn’t for my hubby I would go nuts from having to constantly defend and explain to people.

  77. margaret hill says:

    My back hurts all the time too. I just use T3 only. I tried using other meds but they didn’t work on me or made it worst so I coundnt move with strong meds. I take vitimin D for 2 years now.

  78. Chuck Rogers Jr. says:

    I have Fibromyalgia x Myofascil pain syndrome x RSD.I am on 480mg Oxycontin daily and 180mg Roxicodone daily.I have become a cyclic vomitiing machine on these 2 narcotics.I am urging my state/Fed reps to legalize medical cannabis.I have jumped through all the hoops and tried every drug/therapy medicine offered.My only lifesaver is cannabis.I lost 170lbs vomiting for 2 years

  79. Angie Woodburn says:

    I’m 42. For the last 20 years I have had daily constant pain. Numerous doctors over the years either acted as tho I was exaggerating pain or would say, “I don’t know why you hurt so much.” I think I just got used to the pain, then the last 3 yrs I got so much worse! Thankfully last year a doctor gave me Cymbalta (my miracle drug! Almost pain free!) & another doctor diagnosed me with fibro.

  80. Stephanie says:

    I was diagnosed with M.E but with all the consatnt back and neck pain and all the tender points plus more. I have been told I have Fibromalgia, but not by a doctor but what do they know, anyway. He told me it’s all to do with the foods we eat, which makes sense to me. It’s the chemicals in the food that does it, so I suggest you look into how foods impact Fibromalgia.

    • says:

      Over the years, many patients have become interested in learning about how their fibro is impacted by foods. There is quite a bit of research on this topic involving people with fibro, as well as people with symptoms of fatigue, pain, brain fog, and digestive/metabolic problems. You may be interested in our Special Issue on Diet and Nutrition.

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