Why Fibromyalgia is a Balancing Act

by Kristin Thorson, Editor, Fibromyalgia Network
Posted: December 26, 2012

You may feel more steady on your feet with fibromyalgia one day, while your movement can be way off-balance the next day. When clumsiness strikes, your legs start clipping  the edges of furniture and your shoulders knock against the walls. It’s like being in a pinball machine, except you don’t get any bonus points for the extra bruises!

What makes your fibromyalgia body more wobbly some days than others? According to a study by Nuray Akkaya, M.D., and his research team in Turkey, your quality of sleep the night before plays a major role in how well you navigate movements the next day.* But sleep was not the only factor he found that was related to the potential for balance mishaps in people with fibro.

Akkaya compared the postural stability (e.g., balance) of 48 fibromyalgia patients and 32 healthy controls. The body mass index, which is a relative indicator of excess weight, was the same for both groups. The average age was also the same for each group (around 34 years old), so the participants were quite young. No one was on a sedating medication or a drug that might interfere with postural stability testing.

A balance testing system was used to produce a value for the relative fall risk for each person in the study. The fall risk computed for the fibromyalgia group was double that of the healthy control group.

Subjects stood on a platform that measured the relative pressure exerted by each foot when they were asked to modify their standing position, such as neck turned to the right or eyes closed. A person challenged by these simple changes will have more postural sway, meaning one foot presses down harder on the platform. It sounds easy, but many fibromyalgia patients found these tasks to be difficult.

Obviously, a person’s leg function can help keep a sturdy, upright posture when changing positions. Each participant’s lower-body muscle strength was measured along with their ability to stand on one leg. Questionnaires were used to assess various symptoms, such as pain, fatigue, and overall function.

“Postural performance was worse in the fibromyalgia patients compared to the control subjects and it was related to the severity of fatigue and sleep quality in the last 24 hours,” says Akkaya. “Fall risk was found to be related to lower-body strength and scores for the one-leg stance test.” However, the duration of fibro, rating of pain, overall function, and quality of sleep for the past week (not just the previous night) were NOT related to balance in the fibromyalgia patients.

Although all subjects with vestibular-related symptoms, such as ringing in the ears and dizziness, were excluded from the study, vestibular system abnormalities were still detected in the fibromyalgia group. In addition, the sensory signals from the feet (which inform the brain about your stance) and postural reflexes also might contribute to balance disturbances.

“There is no single mechanism that can account for postural instability in fibromyalgia patients,” says Akkaya. However, he points out that warm water therapy improves muscle strength and balance in fibro patients, which is consistent with his finding that reduced leg strength increased risk of falling. So improving lower body function (perhaps with a walking program) and the quality of sleep (using drug and nondrug approaches) should make you more steady on your feet.

* Akkaya N, et al. Assessment of the relationship between postural stability and sleep quality in patients with fibromyalgia. Clin Rheumatol [epub ahead of print] Nov. 21, 2012.

76 Responses to Why Fibromyalgia is a Balancing Act

  1. Paula Schrock says:

    Balance is definitely one of my worst problems with fibromyalgia. Just 2 weeks ago I got up in the middle of the night and due to a combination of dizziness and slipping on a rug, I fell. I hit my head, got whiplash and a concussion and the most awful black eye. I still have the concussion and black eye. I have had extensive testing, Cscan, MRI etc. and no problems have been found.

    • Glenn Ashley says:

      After coming back from the Gulf War I started having bad pain, loss of balance, & dizziness. The pain in my legs and other parts of my body were tremendous. The only thing that seems to help is dry heat from a wood stove.I take a lot of meds for fibro but none seem to help.I work every day but its getting to much for me to handle.

      • Carolyn says:

        Glenn, I have read that infra-red saunas help. I have not tried yet but getting ready to try. I have had more pain lately and need some relief. I take Cymbalta for fibro and depression, has helped me a lot. It has even relieved pain that I had in my rt ankle since I broke it in 1981! A wonderful side effect!. I am never w/o pain but not as severe except lately in my shoulders and upper arms. GBY

        • Nancy says:

          My shoulder and arms started hurting so bad I couldn’t even use the right one . My fibro has been from waist down so I thought it was moving upward. I was sent to a neurologist who discovered I had terrible arthritis in my neck and spine. He has helped me a lot with that. Good luck and have it checked out.

      • Sheila Patros says:

        I wonder if your war experiences may have brought on the fibro in the first place. I can see how it could. I, too, have been “clumsy” all my life. I sometimes wondered if it was related to my being left handed. You know, having to deal with a right handed world. Probably not. I ran into a doorway a couple of days ago – and have the bruises to show for it!

      • Maryann says:

        I have an infra-red sauna and it has seemed to help with sleep, which in turn helps with balance problems. If the dry wood stove heat helps you with pain then the sauna could, too. Some doctors and chiropractors have them if you don’t want to purchase your own. I have scoliosis and FM, and the sauna is helping with FM symptoms. Cymbalta didn’t help me. Good luck !!

    • Whitney says:

      Paula, I understand this as I’ve got friends with it. Praying that it will subside and no longer be an issue for you, my friend.

      Amen and amen.

    • Jacque miller says:

      I have also done many a face plant…cracked teeth, black eyes, I split open my chin with my last fall. While i have no doubts that fibro plays a big role in this, I was also diagnosed with meniere’s. disease…you might want to check with an ENT doc.

      • Gloria Moore says:

        Not all ENTs are qualified to diagnose Meniere’s disease. It can be debilitating but my mom has dealt with it, including working, for over 40 years. It causes tinitis and loss of balance which leads to nausea. Research before going to an ENT to make sure it is a possibility.
        I currently have balance issues but I think a lot is meds. I did begin taking gabapentin. Hopeful it will help.

    • AShirlene Hanson says:

      Thanks to you all re falling. I began to feel like the goats that fall over for a few seconds. I’ve had bad falls, and yes to ER for head stitches, This past year I fell times on my nose–no it doesn’t fill in as a 5th standing appendage. To make matters worse, my PCP has taken away 6 of my meds the worst is Flexeril as I spasm all the time and hard. MY NERVES ARE SHOT. Thanx for sharing,SH

    • Donna Hackler says:

      To all of you with balance/fibro issues —–Get a dog, a good dog that recognizes your dificulty. A 25lb dog can counter balance and prevent most all falls. My 23lb Boston Terrier saves me from approx 150 falls a year. Dog you choose needs to pull and not panic when you fall if he was unable to balance assist you. Unless you are very large you DO NOT NEED A LARGE DOG!!!

      • lisa says:

        Yep, all the same for me. Sometimes when I fall and try to balance my body. It will not listen to which direction I want it to go. Like I needed to go forward and my legs would only keep stepping backwards. Needless to say I fell against the house broke some wood fencing hit my back hard trying to keep my head forward since I had a concussion from a few days before. I could not get up for a while

      • Elaine says:

        Donna, my collie taught herself to assist me to get out of a chair. When the fibro attacks my legs and calves it is very difficult to get out of a chair without falling. She knows when I need help even before I do. She comes to me, postitions herself and braces for me to grab her fur and pull myself up. She has been a God Send at times…

      • J Dotter says:

        I not only fall and run into things I can’t get up off the floor on my own. I have lost a lot of my strength with my severe fibro. I love dogs and I got a mastadane as my helper. The thing to be said for him being a large dog is he helps me a great deal. Not only does he help me get up off the floor, but when I am getting out of bed he helps me. He was never trained yet he has been wonderful.

    • sharon says:

      I am so glad to of found this page, and the helpful info. I too have had a balance problem for quite a while and the last year it has gotten considerably worse, which I as others on here thought it may be MS or something else. Though it is very unsafe and i’ve been bruised from head to toe, busted lips, unable to do anything for days and weeks.

    • Angela says:

      I was finally diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and BBPV after years of having problems with balance. I always thought it was the neuropathy in my feet. Might be something to look into if you want.

  2. Deborah Harrison says:

    After many short-term uses of a boot because of metatarsal fractures in both feet, I have been in one since summer 2010 for plantar fasciitis. My balance has been so bad that I use a rollator all the time, even in the house. I didn’t realize how much of the balance problem was due to fibro. At least I don’t bump into walls much anymore.

  3. Sharlotte L Taylor says:

    It is real relief to read about fibro and balance. I have a lot of problems with balance, and was starting to worry I might have MS. Now it all makes sense, and I am making plans for dealing specifically with this issue and my new found information. Thanks for shedding light on this issue. I feel better just knowing it is probably fibro.

    • Vicki Lawrence says:

      I’m so glad to read this. I’ve always been “clumsy” all my life and have various bruises. Run into furniture, door frames, stub my toes etc. I’ve been called all kinds of names regarding my clumsiness. Glad to know that I’m not just one big KLUTZ!

      • Leonor says:

        I too feel relieved after reading this article. I keep bumping into walls, furniture, doors, and so on. I have a collection of bruises and can´t remember how I got some of them. I lately feel some difficulty walking on the street. In Portugal, sidewalks are tricky and I’m always spraining my ankles. And I don’t wear high-heel shoes, that would be suicidal. It´s nice to know I’m not alone.

  4. Carol Bell says:

    I have noticed a difference in balance lately. I thought it was my trifocals – and that may contribute to it. On “balance days”, I just try to move a little more cautious.

  5. Teresa Kimbel says:

    Chair yoga has helped immensely for me but even with improvement lately, when I stand, my legs feel like all the blood drains out of them and I’m stopped in my tracks. I have to wait until whatever passes before I can walk again.

  6. Lynne Keys says:

    My balance is shocking – always running into furniture, falling over, but can still drive a car and ride my horse. When you ride or drive you sit still and the car or horse moves, so it must be caused by movement in our body, mainly neck I think with me.

    • JO says:

      My balance is terrible and fall a lot! Fell 3 weeks ago, flat on my right side, factured 3 ribs, elbow, wrist is painful, and knee messed up. It has been rough. Had cast on right arm, it hurt me too. Gaining my healing slowly. I also have ear ringing bad, neck problems and the fibo is really bad. I agree with you, new symptoms appear constantly. No strength in legs, back.

    • Lori Ann says:

      Lynne what you say is true for me as well, my family jokes with me about having “Barrel Horse Rider’s Legs” because of the bruises. I have also been told I was taking too many pain meds when I had not had any.

  7. Donna says:

    I also have problems with balance- knock into walls or furniture, fall downstairs, etc.. I was going to a PT who was correcting balance after watching me walk each time. It was going well, but then I needed surgery and PT with someone else. I walk with my hand on the walls or furniture and I do have vestibular problems. It seems that with FM, new symptoms appear constantly. Don’t give up!…

  8. Lori Kindberg says:

    I too have balance problems. I experience a lot of lightheadedness along with it. Last winter I fell down my stairs and ended up going to the emergency room due to fall. I ended up with a staple in my head. When I fell, I hit my head on the corner of a desk and it caused a cut on my skull. There was quite a bit of blood coming from my head. I still have to watch how I turn and move everyday.

  9. Naida Pino says:

    My balance was really bad. I used a walker or a cane. I fell so many times. About 15 months ago, I found out I have chronic kidney disease with function around 30%. The fibro pain meds I was taking were too much for my kidneys to process, so they built up. I was being overdosed. A kidney doctor cut me down on meds, and I’m doing much better. I’m 73. I still hit doorways and walls.

  10. Cyn0603 says:

    This all makes sense now. I always have bruises somewhere & I’m always running into something … I thought it was just ADHD, of which I was diagnosed years go. From the article it appears sleep is at the root of the problem, too. I keep breaking teeth from grinding … Is this related to fibro too?

    • Cindy Neal says:

      I too have had the grinding teeth issue. I would wake up with horrible jaw pain that eventually turned into really bad headaches. I even chipped my front teeth from grinding. I bought a $25 mouth guard from the drug store, the kind that still allows a little movement but protect my teeth. Helps tremendously!

      • Debbie Hoagland says:

        I have fibro & take gabepentin(Neurontin) 3600 mg/day. It helps some but it makes my gums hurt. I was on roxicodone 30s for 5 yrs in Georgia before I moved back to Indiana. My roxis& xanax helped my overall mood & pain. I felt GREAT. Unfortunately docs don’t think opiates work for fibro, but I don’t care what ANYONE says, they helped me more than anything.

  11. Steve Krafchick says:

    I have many clients with FM who complain of balance problems. I have seen reports of falls in their medical records. This is the first study I am aware of that documents this important complaint of FM patients. It will help patients in litigation and in doctors offices. Steve Krafchick, Attorney at Law.

    • Susylee says:

      Steve I don’t understand your comment about the problem with falling and help with litigation re Dr’s offices.
      If you have FM and fall how could this possibly be a litigation claim?
      Curious …
      I was hit by a lady on a scooter in the chemist 12 months ago.. Now due to existing chronic pain and FM, I am sure I suffer more.

      • Linda says:

        I’m guessing that he’s an attorney who represents people in their efforts to obtain disabilty due to fibromyalgia. Hope that he is successful in those efforts!

  12. Kimberley Kelly says:

    It is also a relief to me to know why I walk like a drunk at times. Thank you for the information.

  13. jeanette tobin says:

    I was diagnosed with fibro many years ago but nothing was ever explained to me. Only since I was on facebook have I found out a lot of info. All this info explains many thing that have happened, especialy this falling stuff as I had a small fall two days ago.

  14. Jean says:

    Several months ago, I was out for a walk by myself and suddenly found myself falling for no reason that I was aware of. I ended up with nine stitches in my head. I haven’t been out walking alone since. I am trying to walk a little bit more in the house now. I hope that will help.

  15. Vivien Cain says:

    I’ve suffered with being uncoordinated most of my life – my husband thought I was simply being clumsy or inattentive. No wonder I had so much trouble in rehab after knee surgery. It’s great reading this – now I’ll just have to be even more careful. (And I’m the ‘healthy’ one of us!) We just have to hang in there and do the best we can!

  16. Ange says:

    I have a real problem with balance. Always walking into things. Always feel as though I am off balance to the left or right. I am always knocking my legs, shoulders, and elbows. Had a few nasty falls over the last 2 years.
    I thought it might have been the fibro medication that I am on.
    This study has changed my thoughts on this subject.

  17. Susan Holbrook says:

    Thank You! The balance problem has confused me for a long time. I have had fibro for 20 years. I have fallen for no real reason but none really seriously. I watch very carefully when I move about. A few of the falls have come when I am squatting for something (I have back problems) and my body just wants to fall over. I agree that I don’t have the leg strength I used to have or really need.

  18. Hermin says:

    I understand so well what u are all going through. I have had the symptoms that are all here plus others. I have fallen down the stairs twice and I am sure I will fall again. It’s great to know we have support from others. Sharing our issues helps with the mental part of our illness and the feeling that we are all alone. I have had fibro for the last 5 years and I am not as strong either.

  19. sarah inoa says:

    I am having pain head to toes, neck, shoulders lower back, hips, can’t sleep, I have to take meds and anxiety med. I’ve been getting worse for the last 3 years. Been though every doctor, no one can tell me what is wrong with me. I had my thyroid removed last year and just been to see a joint and bone specialist. She told me the same things as the other doctors. I am going crazy?

    • Cindy Neal says:

      Have you tried a Rheumatologist? I went thru several doctors until I found relief and a listening ear…
      Don’t give up! You deserve to have a good quality of life!
      (I even called and talked to the nurses at the hospital to help find good, decent, respectful, and willing doctors to help with my situation.)

    • Donna Hackler says:

      Probably not. I’ve had fibro most of my life, I’m a senior citizen, and wasn’t diagnosed till 11yrs ago. IF you have balance issues go back & read my response to others regarding GET A DOG for Balance Assist .

    • Marian Tomlinson says:

      As I write, I have a huge hematoma on my hip, another one on my forearm, a black eye, a skinned chin, bruisdd cheek bone, ugly bruised knee, sore shoulder, & spilled a coke just by hitting a table! Feel very unsure when walking across rough pavement & uneven lawns. Had seizure after imitrex, Lyrica made me nauseous!! Have had fibro since childhood, not diagnosed until 1997! Blessings to all!!!

    • Tracy Carson says:

      NOT CRAZY! I was diagnosed with FM about 4 years ago .I had never heard of it , had all your symtoms I walked into my doctor ,he sat me down and used a rubber hammer to hit certain points on my body. He then told me that out of the 15 points that I had extreme sensitivity in 13. Over 11 is FM. Keep going till you find a doctor that will listen and test you. Naturopathy helps greatly.

  20. Connie says:

    I was glad to see this article as it really confirms how I feel. I am so afraid that I am going to fall all the time. I am ultra careful at all times and take it very slow. I know I walk slowly and awkwardly. It’s really hard to see the look in the eyes of my family members when they see the extent of my deterioration. I feel tired all the time and have no energy. I’m know I’m not alone.

  21. Peter H says:

    Hi I also suffer currently with feeling dizzy and ringing in my ears. I also thought that not many had these problems but reading the above I dont feel so alone with a few of my conditions. Peter

  22. Alice says:

    I did not realize so many people with Fibro had balance problems. My husband is so afraid I am going to fall and hit my head. He is constantly with me when I go anywhere. I too have problems running into walls and furniture. Some days are better and some worse.

  23. Sheila Patros says:

    Another thought – watch out if you are taking clonazepam for anxiety. It has a side effect of falls. While I was on it, I couldn’t seem to stand up! I had several falls, with injuries, but thankfully only a couple were in public.

  24. FRANCES says:

    I have had diabetic neuropathy for years. About 6 months ago, I decided that part of the pain that I was blaming on neuropathy might be fibro. My dr. confirmed that it was. I fall a lot or drop things. Just before I do I hear a voice in my head say, “You are going to fall/drop something.” Unfortunately, I cannot stop it from happening. Anyone else had this happen to them?

    • Wenz says:

      YES!!!! My family went and bought me a spill proof cup $13 at Target for a small one, I think $19 for a large one. I constantly fall, just did about an hour ago and still hurting from it, especially one knee. I also fall up and down stairs, carpeted or not, it doesn’t matter. Clip walls, knees, foot, stub toes, etc. it’s progressively gotten worse since the weather turned cold.

  25. lisa says:

    (continued) no one heard my screams and I was shortly paralyzed from the waste down, upper body was weak. when I finally got up I was walking like a zombie out of breath.
    No insurance to get checked out but I’m sure they would not find anything anyways.

  26. Peggy Forbes says:

    For years I’ve said I “trip over spots in the rug” because of balance. I went to physical therapy to try and ‘retrain my brain” I was told I have a lazy left foot. The odd thing was, as long as I was stepping up and down (on a 4″ cushion) and watching myself in the mirror I did fine. But as soon as the therapist distracted me and I took my eyes of the mirror I kicked the the cushion…

  27. Cheryl says:

    Thank goodness I found this article. I have had lots of falls lately, mostly walking outside. I wondered if they were connected to the fibro…at least reading the comments I know the falls must be part of the fibro. I had four falls in five days…I just got down. I also feel dizzy on occasion and have had vertigo in the past, before I was diagnosed with fibro. Thanks for sharing this info!

  28. Kathy says:

    I have balance issues too. It has been really bad the last few months. I had Cochlear Implant surgey for my hearing, so I thought it was because of that. Keep finding out about more symptoms with fibro. Besides the balance, my other latest issue was chest hurting. I knew it was “different” than when I get a cold, spasms, etc. Doc even did an EKG and all was fine. Darn fibro!

  29. Eileen says:

    Balance has been an issue for me since the year leading up to my fibro diagnosis. In fact, my ENT sent me to a specialist in inner ear issues, since I also have tinnitus. We did a slew of tests and discovered (gratefully) that my balance was a bit compromised, but not stemming from vestibular issues.

  30. Eileen says:

    To continue … what I’ve discovered from myofascial release therapy, is that my connective tissue is incredibly knotted and filled with restrictions. When the tissue on the soles of the feet has a lot of restrictions, balance can arise. Also, many of my knotted tissue areas are in the right jaw/scalene area of neck/shoulder and shoulder blade – and this can compromise balance, also.

  31. Wenz says:

    So glad to have read this, felt like I was the only idiot that couldn’t seems to stand up since my body prefers slamming into the floor or down steps, lol. Great info here! Thank you!

  32. Meg says:

    I was an athlete with lightening speed and precision coordination until the fibromyalgia invaded my body. I am now lucky if I do not fall every day. Fibromyalgia is a true challenge for all of us but I still dream of diving after the fly ball in left field and feeling it when I trap it in the web of my glove. I wake up as the clumsy, forgetful, achy, and tired person I have become.

  33. Rose says:

    I have never been a clumsy person in the past, had great body/spatial awareness and excellent fine motor skills. I now find myself black & blue with bruises from knocks and falls, many of which I don’t even remember or notice at the time. I drop things, knock things and trip over my own feet regularly and can’t believe that it is me doing this stuff. Did not connect with fibro until now.

  34. Sandra Tokarski says:

    I am slightly different. I seem to have a balance problem that no doctor can diagnosis. I don’t know if its fibro or not no Dr has mentioned it. But the falling and bumping of walls and furniture I do a lot.Has it affected anyones seeing . I am having trouble looking down to read or write but if I hold it straight out I am fine. It has also affected my speech making me slur my words at times.

    • Trish says:

      Sandra, I also suffer from clusiness, bumping into things etc. I also get dizzy and blurry vision when looking down and episodes of slurred speech began in 2010. Thought I was having a stroke. MRI showed over 30 lesions on my brain but diagnosed negative for MS so far. I have responded well to a bolis or burst of presnisone during severe flare ups. You may want to see a neurologist.

      • kristin@fmnetnews.com says:

        Trish is right about the need to see a neurologist when one has serious episodes with slurred speech. This research report points out balance-related symptoms in fibro, but slurred speech and MRI abnormalities are not part of fibro. New research (not in fibro) is showing that a variety of encephalitis-type conditions with auto-antibodies to important nervous system receptors do go undiagnosed (they are newly discovered, anti-body test kits are just being developed, and they tend to respond to steroids). Please, anyone with Trish’s symptoms should not assume they are caused by fibro.

  35. john maher says:

    ALSO have fibro for along time since 27 yrs old now 66 reading articles about dizziness and wobbly. Definite my fibro caused by tmj and myofacial syndrome. I believe some kind of connective tissue weakness not 100% sure though.

  36. Susie says:

    Steps are a problem with strength and balance. Going up stairs I hold onto the rail and “pull” myself up. In going down my husband goes ahead of me and I hold onto his shoulders. We go one step at a time and at the bottom he goes straight ahead so I don’t lose balance. Walking I find I go the direction I am looking so I have to remind myself to put on “blinders”.

  37. Dee Jay says:

    I too have fallen many times but what gets me is I lose my balance when I’m standing still and have to grab whatever is nearby to keep from falling. So far I haven’t been seriously hurt but I live alone and am always afraid I won’t be able to get up again.

  38. DiAnn says:

    I slipped and fell this past October after a bad fibro day and feeling off balance all cay, resulting in breaking my ankle , three different bones, disslocating it, and several torn ligaments, ending up with surgery and 2 10 inch inscisions, one on inner ankle, one on outter anke. metal plate and several screws. It has been 4 months and still in extreme pain cuz of the fibro.

  39. Eldona Mellen says:

    I too found this article interesting and it explains a lot of my bumps and falls. I take lyrica and ambien cr. I have heard that they have proposed a reduction to 1/2 the dose of ambien, particularly for women. It works for me and I worry about the law messing with my meds. It’s hard enough to keep things balanced.

    On the otherhand, I do think it’s might be too strong for me.

  40. marce says:

    I always wondered why I get dizzy and walk into things or fall against the wall…now I know it is related to fibro…I am slowly learning more about fibro. I also find it hard walking …trying to keep my balance, I thought it was just me but again it is the fibro?

  41. marce says:

    I also have weakness and excruciating pain in both legs…esp. when I need to kneel down …getting up is nearly impossible….my thighs and knees just kill me…there r times I think I might need to invest in a walker just so I can get up

  42. Maureen says:

    I got arrested for drunk driving while avoiding a hugh puddle during a hurricane. Also I was doing 40 mph (instead of the speed limit of 50) due to the severe weather. This is what the officer said when he asked me to step out of the truck. He asked me to do several sobriety tests which I passed until he asked me to walk a straight line! I told him my Fibro impeded my balance but he didn’t…

  43. Maureen says:

    me. I passed all tests and answered all his questions. The conclusion was that my morning meds must’ve been a factor! (They last 4-6 hrs) It was midnight when my husband and I got stopped. It’s very frustrating to deal with people who don’t have a clue or unwilling to access this info on their computer! Needless to say, I was released with no charges…

  44. Sue Walkinshaw says:

    I have suffered with balance problems for sometime now and have tried to explain this to my GP and consultant but they don’t seem to care or understand. I applied for disability allowence and they turned me down on the grounds that I am not at risk of falling over, even though I told them I had fallen several times. Last week I fel land broke my ankle, so I’m not at risk of falling then?

  45. Mary Caldwell says:

    Balance is definitely an issue with me. I’ve tried taking yoga and tribal belly dancing (only able to participate on good days) and my balance was so horrible even being beside a wall for extra support that I ended up quiting both. I did really enjoy them but basic balance is the core of both classes. Plus I had a hard time remembering poses and moves.

  46. Marie23 says:

    As someone else discussed, I have neuropathy in my feet & FM. I’ve had some bad falls. The worst was stepping down one small step into the garage holding something in both hands. My legs gave out from under me, turning to jello, and my body did a slam on the concrete garage floor. I was lucky, bad left sprained ankle and wrist, etc. I was glad I’d purchased a cane as I had a plane flight.

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