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“The last issue on medications was absolutely fabulous. I've tried many, kept a list of everything, and just went to the doctor to try a different mixture with your information. I thrive on your publication!"
Bernardine, Member Since 1996


Special Issues

Relationships | Fibro Meds Resource Kit | Top 25 Meds Chart

The Fibromyalgia Network has carefully packaged topics that are in high demand by patients. Our current focus involves a special issue on Relationships; an at-a-glance chart of current medications being prescribed; and a much larger collection of Journals and information that offers an in-depth overview of all the FDA-approved fibro medications, and what other patients and doctors are saying about them.


Special Issue: RelationshipsDoes your spouse and family question you when you say you are not up for participating in a physical activity with them? Do you always feel as though you look much better than you feel? Or, perhaps your partner is just pretending that your "fibromyalgia phase" will be over within a few months, and you can both get back to living life as it used to be. These are just a few of the strained relationship problems that you are probably facing, given the invisible nature of your symptoms, but there are ways to resolve them.

The Special Issue on Relationships is a 20-page collection of helpful advice on the social aspects of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Experts weigh in on how to keep your personal relationships strong, enjoy intimacy in spite of pain and fatigue, and help children (or grandchildren) cope with your fibromyalgia. Improve your emotional well-being by learning to handle hurtful comments and unwanted advice. Plus, find out how to help others relate to your condition, improve communication, and keep a positive attitude.

Don't let the obstacles brought about by fibromyalgia put a strain on your relationships. Click here to order the Special Issue on Relationships, available for only $9.

Fibro Meds Resource Kit

Your sensitivities to medications may inhibit you from trying new treatments, but what if one prescription offered you better odds at success than another? Find out what the experts in the field and other patients are saying about meds used to treat fibromyalgia in this Fibro Meds Resource Kit.

This Kit not only reviews all three of the FDA-approved medications, Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Savella, but also discusses many other drugs being used by fibro patients today. In addition, the Kit clearly discusses side effects, "need to know" drug information, comparisons, and includes the New "Top 25 Meds Chart and State Referral List" (see below).

Overall, more than 80 pages of information can help you get ahead of the game when considering a treatment for your fibromyalgia symptoms. Find out what you need to know before your doctor hands you a prescription and sends you on your way.

This $29 value is being offered while supplies last for only $12.50. That's more than 50% savings upon individual purchase. You will not find this unbiased quality of information packed in a single source for you anywhere else. Click here to read the contents and order this important Fibro Meds Resource Kit.

Top 25 Meds Chart and State Referral

Do you want to know what other fibromyalgia patients are taking to relieve their pain? Interested in changing what you are currently doing because the side effects are becoming unbearable? It's hard to guess where to begin or what to expect when you start a new treatment. Stop guessing.

More than 3,400 Members of the Fibromyalgia Network responded to a recent survey and told us which medications were most successful. We drew this all up on a convenient, color-coded chart that describes how different medications work and lists top side effects and tips. The Top 25 Meds Chart comes with the current Physician Referral List for your state (50 U.S. states) and registered Support Groups in your area. Click here to order your Top 25 Meds Chart and State Referral List for $5.

Note: The Top 25 Meds Chart and State Referral List is already part of the larger Fibro Meds Resource Kit noted above. You do not have to order both.

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