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“I really enjoy every article in your Journal. You guys are great! This is the best fibromyalgia web site I've tried, and I've looked at a lot of them."
Lisa, Member Since 2002


Consumer Alerts

Potentially Beneficial Supplements

Of course you want to feel better, but be sure that your treatments are based on research ... not rip-offs. Here are the supplements that will give you the most mileage without blowing your budget.

For the most part, magnesium combined with malic acid and vitamin-B complex have the greatest amount of research backing for reducing the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Please note in the table below of possible supplements that might help you, these three items are cheap. Rather than paying for specially formulated blends, you may want to purchase magnesium, malic acid, and vitamin-B complex individually at your local health food store.

Name Approx. Cost per 100 Tablets
Magnesium (chelated, 250 mg) $7.25
Malic Acid (800 mg) $7.15
Vitamin B Complex $9.75
Creatine (formula varies, 5 grams per dose) $5.00 - 19.50
Vitamin C (buffered, 1000 mg) $15.60
Vitamin E (400 IU) $12.65
Calcium (250 mg w/ Mg & Zn) $6.40
Zinc (30 mg + copper) $4.50
Acidophilus (8 strains) $21.00
Olive Leaf (potency varies) $7.20 - 25.00
Vinpocetine (10 mg) $17.25
Melatonin (2.5 mg) $9.75
The first three supplements have the greatest amount of fibromyalgia research to support them.

More information on nutritional supplements was collected from a patient survey and printed in two consecutive issues of the Fibromyalgia Network Journal. Part I of the two-part series is titled "Nutritional Supplements: Boosting Energy and Brain Power" and appears in the July 2010 Journal. The second part, titled "Nutritional Supplements: Patients Rate Top 15" appears in the October 2010 Journal.

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