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“I recently joined the Fibromyalgia Network and I'm so glad I did! I can relate to every article in the recent eNews Alerts, especially finding a doctor, support from loved ones, and the 'walking with the hips first' article. I just noticed this morning that I do that!"
Kathy, Member Since 2006



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Spreading Awareness Throughout the Year

The Fibromyalgia Network invites you to join in on the awareness activities—on May 12 or any day you feel up to it. While we've come a long way, we know more is needed. As one Member puts it, "People look at fibromyalgia as a catch-all diagnosis, and for the most part you look quite healthy and they can't seem to get past that." This sentiment is often expressed by Members, which is why we offer specially designed awareness items.

The awareness campaign is intended to minimize your time and energy, while getting the public to think about how difficult it must be to have fibromyalgia. The materials are subtle reminders that despite the invisible nature of your illness, it does exist.

All of our items are provided to you for only the cost of printing and postage. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to spread awareness.
Imprinted on all of the new items is, "Fibromyalgia - It's REAL."

Patient advocate Tom Hennessy, Jr., President of RESCIND, Inc., started the awareness day concept in 1992 as a yearly reminder to the public and to health officials that people like you really do exist.

Get your elected officials involved in recognizing the need for more research and education on fibromyalgia. Sample letters are available in the Advocacy section of this website under Letter Writing.

Removable Decals

Fibromyalgia Network It’s REAL - Removable DecalThese amazing 5.5-by-8.5 inch, removable static charged decals adhere to virtually any smooth surface including windows, doors, and walls without any sticky residue. Most people looking at the colorful photo will wonder: Why is the woman colorless? That's when their curiosity leads them to read the top caption, "You don't look sick and no one can see your pain, it's easy to feel invisible ..." Then hopefully people will read the three simple statements below the photo. The decal is designed to convey a "picture" of your life with fibromyalgia without forcing the public to read about your illness. Available decal packs:

  • 3 removable decals for $7
  • 6 removable decals for $12
  • 10 removable decals for $15

Click here to order.

Purple Wristbands

Purple WristbandThe silicone wristbands are debossed with "Fibromyalgia –It's REAL." Order one for yourself and anyone close to you who understands your frustrations. The goal is to get people to see the wristband and ask a question or two about fibromyalgia. Every bit of public education helps! The wristbands are fun and inexpensive:

  • 3 wristbands for $7
  • 6 wristbands for $12

Click here to order.

Car Magnets

Car MagnetThese 3 7/8-by-8 inch magnets offer an easy and convenient way to spread awareness as you and/or your family members drive around town:

  • 1 car magnet for $5
  • 3 car magnets for $9

Click here to order.

Fibromyalgia Network BookmarkAwareness Bookmarks

For 15 free Awareness bookmarks send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with first-class postage to:

Fibromyalgia Network
PO Box 31750
Tucson, AZ 85751

Awareness Posters

Fibromyalgia Network It’s REAL - PosterThese 18-by-24 inch, full-color posters will stand out in a crowd. Each poster comes with a free bright yellow "May 12 Fibromyalgia Awareness Day" sticker. Hang them at health fairs, library booths, May 12 Awareness events, support group meetings, or various gatherings to remind everyone that "Fibromyalgia – It's REAL"

  • 1 poster and
    10 bookmarks for $7
  • 5 posters and
    25 bookmarks for $14

Click here to order.

Awareness Pins

May 12 PinsThese 1.5-inch colorful round pins are small enough to wear on a lapel, but bright enough to raise awareness:

  • 5 pins and 10 bookmarks for $6
  • 10 pins and 10 bookmarks for $10

Click here to order.


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