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Coping TipsCoping with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome is particularly difficult because the symptoms are invisible and chronic. A person can't simply "get over" fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome with the passage of time or wishful thinking. Fibromyalgia Network assists patients with a solution-oriented approach to handling awkward and sensitive situations in the quarterly Journal and monthly eNews Alerts. Read the coping articles below to help you handle the symptoms and stressful situations brought on by your illness.

Feeling Good About Yourself When You're Sick and Tired

Chronic illness can have a devastating impact on your psychic well-being. No matter how agonizing the physical distress, the mental anguish can be more difficult for you to bear. How do you avoid giving in to the illness? Read more.

Hurdling Painful Flare-ups

How do you stay calm when the pain is so great that it is just about ready to push you over the edge of sanity? Learn what you can do to minimize symptom flare-ups. Read more.

Handling Gloomy Days

If you find yourself struggling to maintain a positive outlook at any time of the year, consider using some of these self-help tips to keep your mind off of your fibromyalgia symptoms. Read more.

Family Involvement

While only one person in a family may suffer from fibromyalgia the entire family is affected by it. Your family faces a troublesome time while learning to cope with the anxieties, fears and trauma produced by fibromyalgia. So how do you get support from your family? Read more.

Patient Rights & Second Medical Opinions

What are your patient rights in the doctor's office and how do you assert them? And, how can you tactfully ask for a second medical opinion? Read more.

Feeling Negative About Your Illness Outlook?

An optimistic person might say that there's a silver lining to everything in life; you just have to look for it. But searching for life's fulfillment isn't easy. Read more.

Getting Help

Learning to co-exist with the unyielding pain, fatigue, and many symptoms of fibromyalgia can be a tough job but it is doable. For many patients, the onset of chronic illness tends to come between them and the people they love. Yet, hanging onto your relationships is a key ingredient for successfully coping with your fibromyalgia. Three options to improve your ability to cope with the impact of fibromyalgia are:

  • Special Issue on Relationships. Don't let chronic illness interfere with your ties to family and friends.
  • Consider our 6-Back Issue Membership Pack. This includes 6 back issues containing timeless coping articles to get you up to speed, along with your our quarterly Journal and monthly eNews Alerts.
  • Sign up for a Membership. Between the Journal and eNews Alerts, you will learn how to handle a variety of tough situations.

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